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The website for an eclectic mix of Intuitive, Holistic and Spiritual training 

alongside the most beautiful Crystals and Wands.

Timeless Gifts of Nature.

Let us help you on your journey.   We can guide you to your path.

The choice to walk it though is yours and yours alone.

Crystals and Crystal Wands and Courses in Redditch, Worcestershire and Warwickshire

Who we are?

I could go into a long talk about who we are and what we do but I am going to keep it short. My name is Rebecca Waldron-Smith (Becci) and with my husband Malcolm Smith we are Crystals by Enchantment. We have been trading now since 2001. We run our businesses from home in Webheath, Redditch.

The Crystal Academy side – Courses and Workshops – is run in conjunction with the Website / Retail and also Malcolm working as a Psychic.

Malcolm (Psychic Malcolm) is well known as one of the country's most respected professional Psychics with over 30 years experience. He is available for readings Tuesday - Friday -  . We also run Mystical Magical Parties.

Both Malc and I are great believers in providing products that are special and unique for each recipient.  This philosophy permeates throughout our whole range. Many of the products on this website are worked with in one form or another in our Courses and Workshops.

That is it - if you want a reading have a look at Malcolm's website or if you want a Meditation or Crystal Floriart Therapy then contact me. Please look at the Crystal stock pages for some of the wonderful crystals we have for sale. Callers are welcome but please make an appointment first.

If you want to come on a workshop or course that will change you and the way you live your life then please read my Testimonials page - my students explain so much better than I do:

'I didn't know anything about crystals and their qualities - I do now! Becci's crystal course was amazing.  It proved enlightening, interesting and knoweldgeable.  As a teacher Becci is sensitive to our needs and encouraged us to our full potential.  I strongly recommend this course not only do you learn a great deal you have fun and make friends' - Stella (who is now out there doing Crystal Therapies, Tarot and Runes and is one of our Psychic Supper readers)

'I felt I had entered a new world. I knew there was one and I've learned with my tutors help to enter it' - Ann (has done all my courses, workshops and anything else I can teach her)

'I feel genuinely sad that the course has come to an end I have enjoyed it so much and cannot thank Becci and Malcolm enought for their kindness and generosity.  I feel that I have learnt so much and they have helped me so much on my spiritual journey' - Shelley (Now a practising Crystal Therapist, Medium and another of our Psychic Supper readers).

Hope we can help change your life one day.

Light and Kindness - Becci and Malcolm









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