Chakra Wands

If your Chakras are properly aligned and balanced then this will be reflected in your physical and spiritual well being.

These wands are beautifully turned Rosewood or faceted / rounded Crystal batons, with a Crystal point at one end and a Crystal sphere at the other. 

But set on the sides are seven crystals representing the seven main Chakras 

Base,  Sacral,  Solar Plexus,  Heart,  Throat,  Third Eye  and  Crown

In the larger versions there are also further crystals set around the crystal point.

There are various sizes of Chakra Wands approx. 14cm - 45cm.

  Chakra Wands         Wood Chakra Wands

The crystals are put on or near the Chakra points on the body, the wand is then held with the thumb placed on the corresponding crystal on the wand and either pointing at or touching the crystal on the body with the crystal point. 

The energies are then allowed to flow freely through the wand and crystals to the body. The wands help to link your physical body the part you can touch to your aura the part you can also touch but only through your mind. 

We have described each Chakra wand we have in stock giving as much detail as possible. Click on the pictures above and you will see the assortment we have, but if you need any more information please contact us.