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What if a Crystal could grant a wish – and answer a question that your mind can't dismiss.
Would you want to know the answer first – or prefer to leave it to the Universe.
Three numbers are what are requested from you – to find out what it is you, who or do.
The rhyme / riddle you received in return – only you will know what you should from it learn.
Pick a number from 1 – 8 times by three – and send them to me.
They can be all the same i.e., four, four, four – or mix them up 1. 8. 7 but no more.
The Crystals will disclose what for you lies in wait – are you ready for them to reveal your fate.
What you will receive in return for your ‘silver crossed' – a Crystal, Insight and rhyme personalised and Pillow Boxed.
A Crystal Insight and Wish doesn't come with a guarantee – only you can decide if what will be, will be.

Why are they called 'Insight and Wish'?  
Because that is what they do - give you an insight into what is going on in your life. The wish is your desire.

It's not like a one to one where I and the Crystals can pick up on your Aura and see what energies are around you.

A 2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish© will be what it says an insight into your life and a particular desire/situation that is causing you concern.  
It can't be a general insight but must be for a specific set of circumstances that have caused you to find this website at this particular moment in time.

I have found in the past that the Crystals can be particularly forceful where this type of insight is concerned and 'like it or not' you have to be prepared to hear things you may not want to.  I can only pass on what the Crystals are giving me.

A 2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish© can sometimes be difficult to put into words - especially as they may not make any sense in the here and now but give them time and everything they say will fall into place. That's if you are willing to open your mind to new possibilities and not wait for them to come knocking on your door - you will wait a long time. Always ask yourself – is it a want or a need.

If you would like a 2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish© please make your question/wish about something you can change in your life - not 'my partner left me 3 years ago - will he/she come back'.  Seriously you already know the answer so get on with your life - live for the future not the past.

Unfortunately, I cannot do medical questions.

The items you receive will come with full guidance as to how to work with them, and insight into your personal power and where your path could take you. As with everything we all have choices – your choice is - to believe in your power and what you can do with the information you are given. At the end of the day though if you were given the choice of two paths – the one you have always been on or taking a step onto the unknown path. Which would you take?

These are really not for the faint hearted – as with all the Pillow Box family they do not come with a guarantee but if change is meant then it will happen with all that it entails.

That's it I cannot make it any simpler.  

Once I receive notification of your payment (£35) I will email you for your 3 numbers, and also your question/wish. Choose them wisely – your fate lies in what you choose.

I aim to reply to a request within 24 hours plus delivery time, and depending on the question it will be approx. 2000 characters long plus the Guidance and the Crystal you chose, or should I say chose you, along with a few extra that need to help.

It is and always will be – YOUR CHOICE. Please get in touch if your choice is to change.    Contact Becci

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