The time has come for the Crystals from me to away flow – so they need new homes, places to go.

I have reduced them down to some a discount of 50 percent – please come and look there might be ones that for you are meant.

Where we are going, we cannot them all take – so this is really making my heart break.

Hopefully they will find someone who will an amazing new guardian be – that’s all I can hope for and will just have to wait and see.  

Sorry but this website is closed for a while, as Malc and I have decided that it is time to move on. Finally, what we have been talking and talking about for a few years is now in motion; the house is on the market.

This means that Crystals by Enchantment is also moving on, I may keep it or I may not, but either way the Crystals have to find new homes as the path we seem to be heading for is not one I can take them all on. So, this is to let you know, they are up for sale as is the remaining new age(y) stock I still have lurking around in the showroom (sorry garage!)  I have tried to put as many as I can on the website but, as you can imagine, there were way too many. I am open to serious offers on bulk purchases.

Anyone who does want to come to see them, then I am of course adhering to social distancing and masks to be worn.  Also, a maximum of two adults - please ring for an appointment on 01527 454873 or email:

That's it really, Malc and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your support over the years, you have no idea how much it has meant to us.  If you want to keep in touch then please let us know as our mailing list will be deleted when we move.

Thank you all once again and if you know anyone who wants to buy our house it’s on with A P Morgan Estate Agents in Redditch!

Lots of Love and Best Wishes - Becci and Malc 

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