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Welcome to a website where nothing is what it seems - because is anything in this world a reality or all just a dream

It seems the Crystals have decreed – time for me to once again plant the seeds.

Seeds to help others grow – and to the Crystals and their World flow.

A world from which I thought I had retired – but the Crystals decided I am still required.

Who is this person I hear you ask; this then is my answer – all I am, is who I am, a conduit enhancer.

If you want to learn some fascinating things – then this could be where your journey begins.

My aim, if needed, is to open your mind and perception – to find a new way without any deception.

So, if you need to learn to open yourself up – I can put on the kettle and we can chat and tea sup.

My ways of working may be tongue in cheek - but you may find what I do is mayhap, just mayhap what you seek.

Welcome to Crystals by Enchantment  - including this the working Crystal Wand website.

My business Crystals by Enchantment is is where I have been retailing, working with and running training courses with Crystals and more especially the Crystal Wands for the last 22 years and counting. You will find a lot - but not all of my stock for sale on here.

I am open most days, but due to the nature of my business I try to keep it by appointments only; this then gives me the ability to dedicate my time to you that you deserve.  The Crystals have been forming in the Earth for millions and even billions of years and are looking for new guardians and that is something that should never be rushed.  All the 'Guidance' I do is carried out at my Office/Showroom. See my Showroom page from opening hours.

Many ‘authorities' on Crystal energy will tell you how each Crystal has its own distinct properties, which will cure you or give you energy on demand. However, what many of them fail to tell you is that every Crystal is different. Each Crystal will have been formed at a different time, in a different place, and mayhap have different Crystals within it that you cannot see with your physical eyes.  Each Crystal just like you has its own energy, and its own personality. Changes in your life are possible if you believe in yourself enough.  These changes can be yours if you trust in your imagination, intuition and have faith in your own subconscious and what you are capable of attracting. Your mind is the most powerful part of you – listen to it.

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I love talking about Crystals so please get in touch if you would like to come and see anything I sell   -   Contact Becci

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