The Pillow Box Crystal Co. 

Natural and Polished Crystals

Welcome to this page where I sell - crystals and sometimes other things as well
But for now there are two main types - the ones you can see and the others you might think twice
At the end of the day it is up to you - if you have in yourself the faith to view
Either way please have a look - but please don't look them up in a book 
Go for the one(s) to which you are drawn - if you dismiss your intuition you could always be torn
The buttons below are for you to press - to start with which one is your next intuitive test
Should I tell you what you should do - no because then to my own thoughts I would not be true
If you have read other parts of this website - then the Crystal's Songs you must not fight
So click below to see some of my Crystal stock - and also of course the range I call the Pillow Box

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