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Crystal Wands

 Wands are unique all on their own - they are made with love and would like a new home.

Their guardians need to be strong, brave and pure – to accept the Crystal’s powers and have the belief they can them endure.

If you are confident to a Crystal Wand you can provide - the love it requires to work not hide.

Then take it into your care so deep - it will help to waken your powers from sleep. 

All the wands I have the privilege of selling are totally individual, whether it be the colour of the wood, pattern of the setting, or indeed the most important elements....the Crystals.  No two wands will ever be the same.  They are not made to order, but are hand made out of their maker’s imagination.  Each one will have individual peculiarities that add character and uniqueness...the Crystals will not be perfectly clear as they are what they are ‘natural’ not lead Crystal or glass and some will have inclusions which sometimes break through the surface.

When they are entrusted to my care they are personally checked to make sure they are in near perfect condition...all you have to do is cleanse, energise them and above all else listen to their Crystal's Song.. 

A Crystal wand should never be hidden away in a drawer or cupboard - they love the sun and moonlight

These Crystals have spent millions of years buried deep underground and now they are to bring help and pleasure to you....their guardian.  They will give you years of willing service if handled correctly.  If you do not look after them or neglect them, they will matter how hard you look, they will hide themselves away, until you have learned your lesson, or they feel they are needed again.

Please take care of have now accepted the responsibility of being their guardian and all that entails.


Crystal Pendulum or Pendant?

 What are you trying to find the answer for – sometimes it comes from just opening a door.

Health, wealth, happiness or that light at the end of a tunnel – or maybe ideas when your mind is befuddled.

A Crystal swings because it can – it changes direction back and forth or in circles with no plan.

Or mayhap it moves through a force of nature or even your own energy field – your natural vibrations helping unlock what is concealed.

To work with this one, you have to go back to using your intuitive mind - the rational one you have been taught needs to be left behind.

There are no instructions for them as such – you connect to your Crystal and trust to luck.

For some a straight line will be a yes – others find a circle is the answer best.

I leave you with that and the following thoughts to ponder on – just remember they are very seldom wrong.


As the rhyme says there is no right or wrong way to work with a Crystal, the connection you have with the Crystal that has chosen you, only you will have.  So even if your best friends YES answer is always in a straight line yours could be a circle – the Crystal is in your guardianship so it works with you no one else.

The easiest way to start is to suspend it on the cord, or mayhap treat it to a chain. Hold the cord in your dominant hand about 4 inches from the Crystal, with a gap of 2 or 3 inches above your other palm.  Let it just hang there for a few moments then ask it to show you what movements it will use for YES, then NO and finally UNDECIDED.

You can double check by asking it if your name is Fred, George or Harry – then use yours and hopefully it will say Yes!

 When asking questions, they have to be black and white, not where or what or ifs, buts or mayhap. Saying that you can if you are working with a Talking board (Ouija/Spirit) where the answer can be spelled out.

Why not wear it as a Pendant as well, instead of just leaving it in the pouch and working with it as and when.  It will work so much better when it has been close to your skin picking up your energies and reinforcing the connection between you.

Empathy Wands 


Empathy Wands from Crystals by Enchantment

Empathy Wands from The Crystals by Enchantment Collection

These Empathy Wands though small have the power to open you up to see – the path to where you need to be.

They work because you mayhap have already begun – on your journey to what you want to become.

If you believe in what from others you feel – then from these Empathy Wands you cannot from your fate conceal.

These are what they say they are in the rhyme, which can sometimes when given a description like most things, restrict how you will work with them.

They are unique to the Crystals by Enchantment Collection, in that they are probably the most versatile of all of them. I have been working with mine for over 20 years in my 2Dvine Crystal Divination Sessions - it always amazes me what he emotions he draws out of clients.  If working with Wands is what you have been drawn to then they are a perfect entry level wand.

For facials you literally just let the Empathy Wand do the work, let it wander where it wants, it will find what needs to be sorted out.

If you have a headache, place it gently on your temples and very gently massage, or even better, let it glide over your eyebrows especially the bit over your nose.  Think about it, both these areas are where you would naturally rub when you are stressed; let the wand relieve the aches and pains.  

I sometimes use a tiny drop of Cotswold Lavender Massage Oil, but please make sure you or a client are not allergic to any ingredients before applying.

They all come with an info card and a handmade drawstring bag.

Crystal Massage Wands

 Quartz Crystal Massage Wand - Labradorite 3 - Crystals by Enchantment

A Massage wand has a purpose of its own – now it is looking for a new home.
If this is a path you already take – then its songs you can no longer forsake.
Listen to what it is it wishes to show – let it guide your hand to what you need to know.

Massage Wands are among the most amazing ‘tools’ in the Crystal’s world they become an extension and enhancement to the energies you and the Crystals are helping to transmit to your client. They take away all the hard work. They focus and go straight to any areas of concern.

Massage Wands as you will have seen vary in size and they are pure crystal, a point at one end and a ball at the other.

The crystal point is for directing the energies...activating and energising:

In your mind’s eye ‘see’ a ray of pure energy being sent out from the Crystal’s point into the area of your client’s body that needs help.  Then imagine this area as a stone full of tension and negativity, the rays break it up into smaller stones and then into tiny pebbles. Breaking up all the tension and negativity.

The Crystal ball end is for relaxing and calming:

Work with the Crystal ball to gently grind up all those tiny pebbles turning them into fine brilliant white or silver sand. Sand containing all the energies of the Crystals and Mother Earth and feel it disperse into the surrounding tissue and replacing all the tension and negativity with calmness and positivity.

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