Natural and Polished Crystals

Here you will find a wide and eclectic mix of Crystals in my store. I specialise in not only the Crystal Wands but also The Pillow Box Crystal Co. and now have added The Crystal's Songs Crystals.

Crystals and their World Workshop

The Crystals and their World is finally back - for a period on hold while I got my own life back on track
I thought I knew what I had to do and get – but the Crystals have shown they are not finished with me yet
So this is a workshop to show what you can do – after all Crystal books into the recycling you have threw
Ok so that might seem a bit drastic and extreme – but so is finding out those Crystals in your care aren't all that they seem
My way of bringing out your intuitive flair – is why in these workshops I do so care
Why not try embracing something new and off the wall – to find out more read below then mayhap give me a call.

Crystals and their World


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