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Hi - Thank you for being curious and visiting this page. Can I say right from the beginning so you are under absolutely no illusions - I do not and will not ever do conventional. Life is much too short to walk in someone else's footsteps. Why 'guidance' and not teaching? Because if I teach all you are doing is copying me.  So all the guidance I offer is, and has always been, written and given in a straight forward – completely no-nonsense but seriously fun way. I have never,  and never will, subscribe to the airy fairy stuff that seems to be the norm nowadays.  My one aim, if I have to have one, is to bring the joy back into this now way too serious spiritual and holistic world.

The sessions/readings/workshops I do, therefore, are designed for any one with an open mind and willing to embrace new possibilities. Where you will be guided to work with your feelings - not someone else's.  Everything I do has been designed (over 2 decades+) to stretch your imagination and intuitive gifts to their limits and beyond. Where the only thing that matters is your intuition – your gut feeling – your inner voice - call it what you will.  For when you believe in yourself and what you can do - then just maybe the World will believe in and with you. If you want to be different and work with how you feel, not how someone tells you that you should - then welcome.

The only descriptions you might find for any of the Crystals on the workshop/course/readings will be their names - ok maybe some have rhymes. You will choose them purely by what you are drawn to – not because an ’expert’ has told you that you desperately need 'xyz'.  Only you will know which is right for you. 

Don't you think it is time for you to learn from your feelings and intuition. I have managed it, so if I have isn't it time for you to do the same if you truly want to. It is and always will be - YOUR CHOICE.  Click on the buttons below to find out more. Please read some of my Testimonials

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