If someone says to you ‘smile' one more time – when you are sick to the back teeth of saying ‘I'm fine'
At what point in this life did it become such a sin – to need to wallow in self-pity and for a while just give in
There are times when all you need is to retreat – into a world where you can lay down or just take a seat
Where you can allow and let your mind start to uncurl – from all the madness this world can and does hurl
Instead of someone saying you need pills to make you smile – why not take yourself off to your own world for a while
A world where if you write all those things down – that have a tendency to make you not smile but frown
Then replace those that are always making you snappy – with ones you need that will make you happy
You actually might just find the answers you are seeking – and instead of having to listen to others say ‘smile' you find yourself peeking
Into the future that can really be yours - but only if you start testing and opening some doors
Doors that lead to paths that for a while have seemed impossibly shut – because trying to smile for others kept making you tut
The life you need can suddenly become clear – if you step onto those paths without prejudice or fear.

The above says it all really - this life we have is way too short - mayhap I can in some small way help guide you to the life you need.  After all you managed to find this page through everything else that is on this website - which is a feat on its own!

Let me put your mind at rest. I have two ways of working in this world that has chosen me – one with the Crystals and the other without.  Both ways I absolutely love, but I am also acutely aware that the Crystals are not everyone's cup of tea!

So, the first form of Guidance is my Switching Off and Re-Booting sessions which are based in mindfulness but without a Crystal in sight and the other ones are the 2Dvine Crystal Divination sessions with loads of Crystals and the 2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish which also involve the Crystals. 

I wrote my Crystals and their World course when I used to do Crystal Therapies full time, but found I was being drawn to more guidance and teaching so gave them up a few years ago, I still do the occasional ones but now realise my limitations and restrict them to my Switching Off and 2Dvine sessions.

Please click on the pictures below to find out more.

Switching Off & Re-Booting Sessions - Crystals by Enchantment
Switching Off & Re-Booting Session

2Dvine Crystal Floriate Riddle Divination Sessions - Crystals by Enchantment

2Dvine Crystal Floriate Riddle Divination Session

2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish

2Dvine Crystal Insight and Wish

It is and always will be - YOUR CHOICE. Please get in touch if your choice is to change.   Contact Becci

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