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How they Start

You will not I know never find with what I say and the way I draw - In a form that any has gone before.

It is a mixture I will agree - But only you will see what you will see.

My way of drawing is to put paper under my pen - And let my hand move more now than then.

Each one is started in black and white - Then colours filled in light, dark and definitely bright.

Once completed a riddle is written then for a while put aside - Before the choice of crystals are applied.

When first on a picture your eyes are transfixed - The way of hanging is yours to be picked.

I truly hope the picture and riddle your mind will unlock - And help to clear any thoughts that might block.

The trick if any is open your mind and maybe meditate - But never forget the world you need only you can create.

Work with my artwork and words to help to start a change - And see what is around and maybe already within your range.

Why Crystal Riddle Art?

Because at school it was my first love. I cannot, and never have been able to, draw from life be it landscapes or people: it used to drive my art teacher mad.  My ‘O’ level piece, if I remember rightly, was either a  Surrealist Pear or a Moped crash helmet.  I did a year of ‘A’ level but I gave it up - now over 40 years later here I am mixing up art, crystals and riddles. My Dad taught me to stipple and I try to incorporate that in some of the pictures. My Mum, when I was at Junior school, once drew Confucius for a project I was doing.  My exercise book came back with a star and the comment 'well done Mum'.  So somewhere in my genes there are artists in one form or another.  My love of poems, riddles and rhymes comes from my Nan whose poetry books I still have.

My Artwork

If it has to be categorised! - is an eclectic mix of abstract & surrealism. I draw without any preconceived ideas – I just put pen to paper, let my hand go where it wants, fill it in with colour and then add crystals to the outside of the glass.  The best thing about what I do is that people see totally different things in the pictures to each other including me!  The original pictures I sell are one offs but I will be printing some of them off and re-colouring them. So hand-finished framed limited editions.   I take commissions but I haven't a clue what you will get - one of my clients wanted an 'angel' he got a fairy! Luckily he loved it. I can be restricted if you want though to a colour palette for instance of say greens or reds and names can also be hidden in them. This one when it was finished is now hanging in my sister's optical practice (Vivid Optical) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Vivid Optical - Crystal Riddle Artwork 

Before & After

If you click on the four drawings below you will see how they looked when they were finished.

Crystal's Song Artwork

Crystal's Song Artwork by Rebecca Waldron-Smith

Crystal's Song Artwork by Rebecca Waldron-Smith

Crystal's Song Artwork by Rebecca Waldron-Smith

You will see totally different things in the pictures to each other as I said including me!  I draw - you will interpret.  Many of them look like one thing but when you turn them on their side or upside down they become something else. They are really good for clearing your mind - trying to find things in them stops you from thinking about other things. Think of a really easy form of meditation that just might give you the answers you are seeking.  They can be hung anyway - which ever pleases you most – your choice.  The riddles and rhymes come out of nowhere, usually at the end sometimes during, when I look at the finished picture and the words flow - hence Crystal Riddle Artwork©, but don't let my words restrict your imagination. 


 Don't just take my word for it. 

Becci, It has been some 24 months since you produced my first piece of Artwork and as it has always been a inspirational piece taking pride of place in my office at Work. You can lose yourself in the artwork and because you can rotate the image it has many depths. The second one was produced from our discussions regarding the planets and solar system and my favourite colour blue. The multiple moons and the hidden tinker bell was exactly what I wanted, your fantastic skills and artistic license created a very magical piece. Massive thanks!!! Kevin Butler - July 2018 - Redditch

More Testimonials

 Crystal Riddle Artwork

 Crystal Riddle Artwork

I have sourced some really lovely Pewter/Charcoal wooden frames from Midland Fine Arts in Kidderminster, which I am slowly replacing the brown ones shown with and most will be double mounted as per this example - the inner mount will reflect colours in the picture. They will come with four fixings so you can choose which way up you want to hang it.  They also come with an individually printed Certificate of Authenticity which contains the individual riddle/rhyme for that picture.

The following are just a few examples - if you would like to see the rest of my portfolio (or would like to commission one) - please ask. I also make Bookmarks, Keyrings, Meditation Cards, Greeting / Xmas Cards, A6 cards and I am in the process of producing a meditation book. All of which will be on here soon. Please go to my T&C's page for postage etc.

 Crystal Riddle Artwork

The pictures and words will work their magic if change is meant to be – Only you will see what it is you need to see. 


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