Creative Drawing Meditation Workshops

In order for me to get you to meditate - We need to stop those thoughts that want to dictate

Those thoughts that emerge without any prompt - Just turning up when you really least want

To let them go is harder still - When you have maybe given up the will

But will you must to succeed - So why not come and see if we can plant a seed

A seed to block and banish and then grow new pathways - To bring you peace to at least some of your days

Doing what I do now - of course I had to do these workshops. My aim is to encourage your creativity and sort out any issues you have by using a really easy relaxation technique. 

There must be so many of you out there who doodle just because you can - so why not come along and learn to add meditation into the mix.  This isn't meditation where you have to sit quietly and clear your mind and stop all thoughts invading your head but more drawing those thoughts out onto a piece of paper. So technically they are actually visualisations where you are letting those thoughts tumble out and releasing all that stress and tension that may be building up.  Learning to give a picture to what is troubling you.

You really don't have to be a Monet or a Constable, you don't even have had to have picked up a pencil since you left school, all you need to have is the urge to learn to create your way out of situations you may have got yourself into. Letting your mind literally show you what it is hiding.

The first workshop is one to one, to show you how easy it is to just let go and draw/talk through what may be bothering you.  If you want to come back then that is your choice. I would love to get a group together of may be three or four to explore other forms of art and the relaxation aspect of them.

Paper and pencils/crayons are provided so all you have to do is bring yourself - unless you want to bring your own bits and bobs.

Technical Bit

First workshop 2(ish) hours maybe more - its your time. Cost - £50 

Further workshops (2 hours)thereafter price to be negotiated - depends on the number or if you want to carry on with one to one workshops.  Monday - Saturday - your choice.

That is it really - have a think about it and if it is of interest get in touch.