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As you will have by now realised my website no longer exists and you have been re-directed to Becci's - Crystals by Enchantment - Crystal Riddle Artwork. The following explains my disappearance!

Psychic Malcolm 

So this is it the end of an era has arrived - I have finally done it and actually retired

The website has closed as on clients I must shut the door - Along with the spirit world - and all those that have gone before

Becci is carrying on with the work that she does best - Her way of working maybe you should give it a test

As her Switching Off & Re-Booting is a more logical way - To showing you how maybe you should be living each day

Crystal Readings combine crystals with the powers you possess - Opening your mind to show where you need to progress

Work with her artwork and words to help to start a change - And see what is around and maybe already within your range.

So thank you to everyone for the past 30+ years - For the privilege of sharing your lives, dreams and occasional tears

I wish you well in wherever your pathway lies - But for me I need to open new doors and see what arrives


Best Wishes - Malcolm

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