Crystal Workshop / Course Terms

Full details of cost etc. are on the relevant web pages. This is extra:

All workshops are written and taught by me (Rebecca Waldron—Smith) Becci and I retain the copyright to them. 

I have been lax in the past where people have ‘stolen’ my workshops and gone on to teach them as their own. I really don’t know why they thought I wouldn’t find out.  People ask why I don’t take them to Court etc. My answer is leave it to the Universe (them upstairs; the relatives) life is too short to be wasting time and energy. You only have one life to live in this world so enjoy it – stress is for those with too much time on their hands.  Or is it not enough?  Either way I seriously cannot be bothered.

Anyway the person who ‘took’ my Wand Workshop went bankrupt not long after and I am just waiting to see what happens to the Afternoon Tea person. The others, well they know who they are as well.  I am a great believer in Karma if my Mum, Dad and rest of the relatives upstairs want to look after ‘their girl’ then who am I to stand in their way. Love and light.........

Deposits or Full payments are required in advance to reserve your place.  Non-refundable if you cancel for any reason.

Please note that if you go on to work with the knowledge you have gained during a workshop in your business (self-employment) then the invoice you receive can in most cases be claimed back through your expenses.  This also includes any items you may purchase on the day.

If it is a Certified course then you will receive a Certificate of Practice which you can use to obtain the relevant insurance.