A Crystal to Wear - A Crystal to Carry

The Crystals by Enchantment Collection


The Gift Set comprises of a Crystal Chip Bracelet, Tumbled Crystal, Cotswold Lavender, Organza Pouch and Guidance all in a Gift Box

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A Crystal to wear and a Crystal to carry – either way they are for when your senses tarry.
They will give you the strength when it is needed – especially when signs are sometimes not heeded.
A bracelet made from chips of pure Crystal – to mayhap help with the holistic and mystical.
You wear it when you feel a special need – or to help to find a way to plant an idea seed.
If you are expecting something to happen – then these will those senses help to sharpen
If wearing one is not always an option – then carry the other and opportunities do not shun.....

Nine different Crystal chip stretch bracelets and matching Tumbled Crystal.

Sodalite – Truth - When saying Yes or No has to be done.  Tigers Eye – Composure - Taking a deep breath before taking that leap of faith.  Rose Quartz – Empathy & Love - For yourself or others – learning to feel again. Unakite – Strength - When all your get up and go has got up and gone.  Amethyst -Spirituality - Opening you up to what your true path should be. Moss Agate - Growth  -  Learning to spread your wings for your own peace of mind. Obsidian - Deceit  -   Seeing through the layers of what others are trying to hide. Garnet - Protection   -  An easier life without worrying about what others think or do.  Green Aventurine - Stress  -  Empowering you to take action to bring relief from the cause. 

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos or come and see them, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


The Crystals by Enchantment Collection

 The Crystals by Enchantment Collection© 


    If what you need in your life is a bit of the magical and mystical – then mayhap that power can come from one of these Crystals.

All they ask is for you to open up your heart to what you will see and hear – and then mayhap the path you seek will magically and mystically to you appear.
This Collection is born from ideas the Crystals formed in my mind – then the fun began and the details flowed and began to unwind.
Each of the Gift Sets, like you, are unique but with guidance to show – that if you release the power of your intuition the Crystals will guide you to where you should and need to go.

Like everything I do - it's your choice.

The Gift Sets are all unique where the Crystals are concerned, especially in size and shape, so no two will be exactly the same. The boxes shown with each item are the types of ones they will come in - and I will try to match the colours of the lids to the Crystals. They all come with an A4 or A5 Guidance sheet.


Crystal Jewellery with Meaning

Crystal Chakra Pendant - Crystals by Enchantment


This jewellery plays a special part – in holding the Crystals close to your head and heart.
It may not automatically be seen – to understand what they mean.
The only way to work that out – is to open your eyes to all that is about.


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