A Present Bottle for the Future

Hand painted bottle, Crystal Point,Crystal, Charm Paper, Lavender, Pouch, Guidance and hand made gift box.


A Present Bottle the clue is in the name –  It is a gift in which to save for you to in the Future gain.

The crystal vibrates to deep within – So write down your desire then the bottle put the paper in.

Place the crystal on the top – Not letting it into the bottle drop.

Five pence might not seem an awful lot –  But times by ten and hey 50 pence you’ve got.

Have your bottle close to where you keep your wallet or purse – From out of which those 5ps might burst.

Add some more and before you know - The 5 pences the bottle should outgrow.

Keep in mind when you come to empty its contents – You saved to give yourself an indulgent present.

There is a saying we all know – That mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Each bottle is individually painted so colours and shades vary.   If you want a specific base colour let me know before ordering. I try and match the gift box to the colour of the bottle.

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