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A range of Oils etc. made from Cotswold Lavender

Cotswold Lavender
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I have worked with and sold Cotswold Lavender's range for a number of years now, and have no hesitation in recommending them. The Massage Oil and Essential Oil is perfect for working with the Crystal Wands. 

The Massage oil is made from Sunflower, Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Oils, full of skin enriching Vitamin E, carefully blended with a hint of their finest Lavender Oil to gently soothe and relax tired and aching muscles. Perfect with the Massage and Acupressure Wands.

The Essential Oil is a versatile one from the Lavendula Intermedia species - it like most Essential Oils should be diluted in a carrier as per the instructions, which is why I prefer to use the Massage Oil, but put some in an oil burner and you or your client will have a perfect relaxing therapy session.

You will find the Air Dried Lavender Grains in most of The Pillow Box Crystal Co. range.

The soap is a rich and natural Lavender soap, ideal for daily cleansing enriched with natural lavender essential oilto hydrate and moisturise.  Also perfect for the Crystal Wands when they have been worked with directly on skin.  It seems to make them shine even more, when water alone is not enough.

In this day and age we all need Hand Sanitisers and this one is lovely. It is gentle with Lavender and Aloe Vera. Protects hands, soothes skin and has a gret fragrance.  67% Alcohol and kills 99% of bacteria.  Perfect for when you are treating clients. - SOLD OUT

Finally what would I do without one of these. A pocket sized Wheat Warmer ideal for hands or tuck inside clothing. Ideal for dog walkers, crisp winter mornings or for placing any Crystals or Wands on before placing on a client - always make sure the Crystals are not too hot though.

If  you ever have a chance to go over to Broadway in the Cotswolds then it really is a worthwhile trip.

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