Elestial (Smoky) Quartz on Tourmaline


You will not find another like it


Not even going to try to talk about this one in a rhyme.  Just know it is one of the most powerful crystals I have ever had the privilege to take care of. It is often called primeval - not sure about that but there is definitely a face in it.  It is time for it to move on - it is priced at what some will raise an eyebrow to but it reflects the fact - one it is tearing my heart out to part with it and two I am looking for a guardian who will not only appreciate it but will have the knowledge to work with it safely.

Payment is via BACS or cash - Paypal will charge too much - much as I love working with them.

It has 6 sides about 5 facets in its point - it measures at its longest 30cm and variously 15-17cm wide depending on where I have measured it.  It weighs approx 7.9kg on my bathroom scales.  

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