Marble and Serpent Stone Crystal Wand

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An extremely large and heavy Cornish Marble, Amethyst, Quartz, Serpent Stone and Jasper Crystal Wand

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This is one of the largest Crystal Wands I have had in my guardianship and it really needs a new home to work to its fullest potential.  So looking for someone who really knows how to work with the power that he emits.

The shaft is Cornish Marble and it has a natural piece of Amethyst in place of the classic ball with an 8 faceted Quartz point.  Its setting have a mixture of what were once known as something else but now it seems has been renamed to Serpent Stone along with another I cannot remember the name of, but then that is what the Crystal's Song is all about - no names.

He weighs approx. 1.125kg and measures 38cm in length.

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos or come and see him, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Crystal Wands

 Wands are unique all on their own - they are made with love and would like a new home.

Their guardians need to be strong, brave and pure – to accept the Crystal’s powers and have the belief they can them endure.

If you are confident to a Crystal Wand you can provide - the love it requires to work not hide.

Then take it into your care so deep - it will help to waken your powers from sleep. 

All the wands I have the privilege of selling are totally individual, whether it be the colour of the wood, pattern of the setting, or indeed the most important elements....the Crystals.  No two wands will ever be the same.  They are not made to order, but are hand made out of their maker’s imagination.  Each one will have individual peculiarities that add character and uniqueness...the Crystals will not be perfectly clear as they are what they are ‘natural’ not lead Crystal or glass and some will have inclusions which sometimes break through the surface.

When they are entrusted to my care they are personally checked to make sure they are in near perfect condition...all you have to do is cleanse, energise them and above all else listen to their Crystal's Song.. 

A Crystal wand should never be hidden away in a drawer or cupboard - they love the sun and moonlight

These Crystals have spent millions of years buried deep underground and now they are to bring help and pleasure to you....their guardian.  They will give you years of willing service if handled correctly.  If you do not look after them or neglect them, they will matter how hard you look, they will hide themselves away, until you have learned your lesson, or they feel they are needed again.

Please take care of have now accepted the responsibility of being their guardian and all that entails.


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