Maruhon Ware Plates or Saucers



Set of four Maruhon Ware Plates or Saucers

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Made in Japan 

Right from the beginning I going to say these are not perfect in any sense of the word. They could be almost 90 years old, from what I can gather.  They are attributed to Della Robbia but these do not have her name like some others do on the backs.  They are stamped Maruhon Ware - Made in Japan - (K) The pictures will tell their own story - there are no chips around the edges of the plates that I can feel, but they are cracked and crazed and the one seems to have gone brown on the back.  They measure approx. 16cm x 16cm.

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description, and bear in mind that they are second hand so will not be perfect. If you have any questions, like to see more photos or come and see them, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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