Mystical Crystal Essence Bottles

Hand painted atomiser bottle, 4 tumbled Crystals, 3 Quartz Points, Lavender, Satin pouch, 2 Voile bags, Cotswold Soap, Hand made gift box and Guidance.


A Mystical bottle is what this is – to try to bring into your life a bit of fizz.

The idea is so plain and simple – the question is can you let your mind and crystals mingle.

If you follow the instructions on how to work – then what you gain could be a perk

Like everything in this world we live – you start by believing that what you get you first have to give.
There are times in everyone’s lives when things may not feel quite ‘right’ or as you would like them to be; this then is for those times. It can be a gift for yourself or you may have received this as a special gift from someone else. Accept that the crystals were calling your name and their Crystal’s Song has reached out and found you. 
They are already in their boxes so havent a clue what colour bottle you will get.

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