Mystical Crystal Essence Bottle Gift Set

The Crystals by Enchantment Collection


The Gift Set Comprises -Hand painted Mystical Bottle, 4 Tumbled Crystals, 3 Crystal Points, Cotswold Lavender, Cotswold Lavender Soap, 2 Organza Pouches and Guidance.


A Mystical bottle is what this is – to try to bring into your life a bit of fizz.

The idea is so plain and simple – the question is can you allow your mind and the Crystals mingle.

If you follow the instructions on how to with them work – then what you gain could mayhap be a perk.

Like everything in this world we live – you start by believing that what you get you first have to give.

This is a set for curiosity and belief – to work with to find what you need to seek.

The Crystals their powers we think we know – the mystical part is what they can actually show.

There are times in everyone’s lives when things may not feel quite ‘right’ or as you would like them to be; this then is for those times. It can be a gift for yourself or you may have received this as a special gift from someone else. 

Accept that the Crystals were calling your name and their Crystal’s Song has reached out and found you.

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos then please don't hesitate to get in touch. See the InfoTab below.


The Crystals by Enchantment Collection

 The Crystals by Enchantment Collection© 

Crystals without any - Books - Pre-conceived ideas – Descriptions or Limits.

    If what you need in your life is a bit of the magical and mystical – then mayhap that power can come from one of these Crystals.

All they ask is for you to open up your heart to what you will see and hear – and then mayhap the path you seek will magically and mystically to you appear.
This Collection is born from ideas the Crystals formed in my mind – then the fun began and the details flowed and began to unwind.
Each of the Gift Sets, like you, are unique but with guidance to show – that if you release the power of your intuition the Crystals will guide you to where you should and need to go.

Like everything I do - ultimately it's your choice.

I love curious people – thank you for carrying on reading.

The Gift Sets are all unique where the Crystals are concerned, especially in size and shape, so no two will be exactly the same. The boxes shown with each item are the types of ones they will come in - and I will try to match the colours of the lids to the Crystals. They all come with an A4 or A5 Guidance sheet.

The idea to put some of the Crystals in sets with guidance, came about because so many of my clients, students and customers wouldn't buy a Crystal without first consulting an ‘authority's book.  The only barriers (seriously there are none) to working with Crystals, is how far you will allow your intuition and imagination take you.

No fancy names made up to impress or deceive.  The contents are what they are, straight forward no-nonsense Crystals with rhymes and guidance to stimulate your imagination and intuition. With some I have put their ‘commercial’ names but as Crystals are rarely pure i.e. just one Crystal – only you will know what you will actually receive.

I stress it is guidance not instructions. After a very short while your Crystals will show you a new path or way of working with them.  I have only been a conduit between the Crystals and you, their new guardian.  For that is what you will be, you will never own your Crystals – they will be with you for as long as you need them. One day they will mayhap disappear or mayhap you will pass them on to someone who needs them more – you will know when. Let them go with Love and Kindness.

The Crystals in some of the boxes you choose, or you receive as a gift, are in there because they are.  There's no mind-blowing explanation just good old fashioned - they were the ones that touched my fingers when I was packing the boxes. No - you need this one for this or that one for that. 

The power of The Crystal's Song is buried deep within your own beliefs; listen with your Intuition and above all else your Heart. Your imagination and dreams are thoughts and plans yet to be interwoven.  Always remember though your mind works best when it is open. 

If a change in your circumstances is meant – and you have the trust and more importantly you believe in the Crystals - then it will happen. A simple statement – but if you believe in something strongly enough and are completely open minded – then it will work or come true – if you don’t it won’t.

If you truly believe in the power of the Crystals, then the one you have received will be the right one for you. Allow the Crystals to show you the way to creating your own unique pathway to change your life. Changing just one thing in the way you live that life, can and will change your whole world. 

The power of The Crystal’s Song is buried deep within your own beliefs; listen with your Intuition and above all else your Heart.

Your imagination and dreams are thoughts and plans yet to be interwoven.  Always remember though your mind works best when it is open. 

It’s what your Crystals sing and how you, and only you, choose to hear them that makes them special.

Light and Kindness Always - Becci


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