Portmeirion Pomona Pans



Set of two Portmeirion Pomona Pans - they are in essence saucepans except they have two handles each. Vintage and Rare.

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They both have the same 6 different pictures from the Pomona range. One holds approx 4 1/2 pints and the other 3 pints.  They both have glass lids, the larger one does have a very small flaw in it.  The enamel as  you can hopefully see from the photos on the outside have no scratches or dents.  The insides have what looks like a non-stick coating which do have slight signs of rubbing.  The underneath of the smaller ones handles does have bubbling which could be from having the heat too high. I have had them for approx 25 years plus, but have not been worked with for too many years to remember.

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