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The Pillow Box Crystal Co. - Scrying Crystal, Cotswold Lavender, Organza Pouch and Guidance

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This Crystal brings the Crystal’s Song to life - but to work with it you must not strife.

The key to this Crystal is meditation - as to work with it you need masses of relaxation.

To be a Seer is to open your mind - to all the possibilities the Crystal will help you find.

It is the releasing of pre-conceived ideas - allowing the letting go of deep inner fears.

The Crystal will help you take the journey safely - the question is are you ready to take the first steps bravely

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos, or come and see them, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



 The Pillow Box Crystal Co.


 Crystals without any - Books - Pre-conceived ideas – Descriptions or Limits.



I fully accept that not everyone will get – the idea behind a Pillow Box set.
As everyone is an individual that is fine – otherwise all they are doing is towing a line.
All I ask is to give your intuition a chance – to let the Crystals help you to glance
Into their world where you will hear – nothing to worry or heaven forbid fear.
The Pillow Box vision came about – purely to instil a tiny bit of doubt.
But the moment you first hear a Crystal’s Song – you will know that doubt doesn’t with you belong.



I love curious people - so thank you for coming to this page.

The idea to put Crystals in boxes so they couldn't be seen came about because so many of my clients, students and customers wouldn't buy a Crystal without first consulting a book; so this is nothing but pure Crystals. The only barriers to working with them, if any, is how far you will allow your intuition and imagination take you.

The Pillow Box Crystal Company - named because 1) they're all Crystal-based and 2) they're in Pillow Boxes! No fancy names made up to impress or deceive.  The contents are what they are, straight-forward no-nonsense Crystals, with rhymes and guidance to stimulate your imagination and intuition.

The Crystals in the boxes you choose, or you receive as a gift, are in there because they are. There's no mind-blowing explanation, just good old fashioned - they were the ones I picked up when I was making and packing them. If you truly believe in the power of the Crystals, then the ones you receive will be the right ones for you.

Allow the Crystals to show you the way to creating your own unique pathway to change your life. Changing just one thing in the way you live that life, can change your whole world. The power of The Crystal's Song is buried deep within your own beliefs; listen with your Intuition and above all else, your Heart.

Your imagination and dreams are thoughts and plans yet to be interwoven. Always remember though your mind works best when it is open. A simple statement: If you believe in something strongly enough and are completely open minded – then it will work or come true – if you don’t it won’t. Simple.

It's what they do and how they do it that makes them special.



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