This One Is Drawn - Artwork

Rebecca Waldron-Smith

( TOID-1 Artwork )


This One Is Drawn - An Original Crystal Riddle Artwork by Rebecca Waldron-Smith

Artwork or Meditation Card
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This one is drawn to flow and flow - the idea to make your mind slow and slow.

The lines are there to make you see - things are not always what they have to be.

Lose yourself just for a moment or two - before you begin what you have to do.

This is an original artwork which will have Crystals applied to the outside of the glass in a 33 x 46cm frame. Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos or come and see it, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please see the Info Tabs below for a full description of how they manifest themselves - including The Crystal's Song Meditation Cards.

  Crystal Riddle Artwork

You will not find with what I say and the way I draw – in a form that has gone before.

It is a blend I will not disagree – but only you will see what you will see.
No thoughts for what I am drawing come into my head - I just let it appear, I have no control as to where my hand is led.
Each one is started in black and white – the colours filled in light, dark and definitely bright.
Once completed a riddle is written for what could be inside –for you to seek, the meaning only you can decide.
When first on a picture your eyes are transfixed – the way of hanging is yours to be picked
I truly hope the picture and riddle your mind will unlock – and help to clear any thoughts that might be trying to block.
The trick if any is to open your mind and maybe meditate – but never forget the world you need only you can create.
Work with my artwork and words to help to start a change – and see what is around and mayhap already within your range.

Abstract and Surrealist Art!

If it has to be categorised, my artwork is an eclectic mix of abstract and surrealism. I draw without any preconceived ideas. I put pen to paper, let my hand go where it wants, fill it in with colour and then add Crystals to the outside of the glass. I draw - you will interpret.

Both my Mum and Dad were talented artists, but my main influence came from my art teacher - Anwar Jalal Shemza or as we called him 'Sir' or Mr. Shemza during the 7 years I was at Ounsdale Comp.  He understood my odd ways - I truly wish I had appreciated him more and finished my A Level instead of leaving half way through - 50ish years later - hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

I take commissions but I haven't a clue what you will get - one of my clients wanted an 'angel' he got a fairy - luckily he loved it! I can be restricted if you want to a colour palette, for instance greens or reds and names can also be hidden in them.

Unfortunately I cannot at present post overseas - they are too fragile (glass)


 Crystal Retailer and Artist selling Crystals  and Crystal Riddle Artwork

 Only you will see what you will see...

Many of the pictures look like one thing, but when you turn them on their side or upside down they become something else. They are really good for clearing your mind - trying to find things in them stops you from thinking distracting thoughts. Think of a really easy form of meditation that just might give you the answers you are seeking. They can be hung anyway, up, down, sideways – which ever pleases you most – your choice, there is absolutely no right or wrong.  The riddles and rhymes come from out of nowhere or do they? I sit drawing in a room filled with Crystals, when I look at a finished picture then the words flow – hence Crystal Riddle Artwork, but don't let my (or is it the Crystal's) words restrict your imagination.

Framing and Authentication

I have sourced some really lovely hand-made Pewter/Charcoal wooden frames from Midland Fine Arts in Kidderminster. They will come with four fixings so you can choose which way up you want to hang it - the sizes given are within a cm. They also come with an individually printed Certificate of Authenticity which contains the individual riddle/rhyme for that picture. The paper I work with is an off-white colour but sometimes the photographs give them strange hues.

Click here for details of my Creative Drawing Meditation Workshops

 The Crystal's Song Meditation Cards


The Crystal's Song Meditation Cards - Crystals by Enchantment

The Crystal's Song Meditation Cards - Crystals by Enchantment

The Crystal's Song Meditation Cards - Crystals by Enchantment

Today could be wondrously magical – or just the same if you want to be sceptical (or even - if you are so inclined - ‘spiritual’)
Why not try something new and mind stretching – this picture the start to thoughts fetching.
Search through the colours and shapes – to find the ‘door’ for you to open to escape.
Once found concentrate on that part - don’t let your mind here and there dart.
If you want to breathe and meditate – allow the calm the tension to alleviate.
See through all the clutter and fog that your mind encloses – to find what you need so your life transposes.
Accept what your mind is trying to show and tell – then go live your life once the blinkers from your eyes have fell.
This picture will work its magic if change is meant to be - only you will see what it is you need to see.

Your imagination and dreams are thoughts and plans yet to be interwoven

Always remember though your mind only works when it is open!

They are all made from recycled 5" x 7" craft card with the verse and a copy of one of my Crystal Riddle Artwork pictures printed on parchment paper inside, complete with an envelope. Any of my Crystal Riddle Artworks can be made into one. 

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



 Artwork Reviews




Amazing individual creations...

We are very fortunate to own 3 of Becci’s Abstract Surrealist pictures, which take pride of place in our Home. Family and visitors alike suggest different meanings to the art, and without fail admire the juxtaposition of the abstract art design and crystals that Becci has created from Her incredible imagination. Amazing individual creations, that we find inspiring. Colin and Sandra Miles   |   July 2018  |   Redditch

Pride of place...

Hi Becci, A quick email to say thank you very much for my custom artwork. I love it and it is pride of place in my office!!! I’ll be sure to send people on your direction when they ask about it. You’ll have to let me know if the crystals are a specific / certain type I should know more about. Thanks again Alex Dyer   |   July 2018  |   Droitwich

Peaceful piece of artwork...

**Well your artwork what can I say: Mine is hanging up in my bedroom opposite my bed so every time I get in or wake it it is one of the first things I see. I love it. I do a lot of meditation before I sleep and I find focusing in on my beautiful drawing the perfect way. It is such a peaceful piece of artwork, magical. Such wonderful artwork, it is as if it had been commissioned for me personally. There are so many elements to see. Having seen all (I think) of your pieces the drawings are so deep and never ending. For me also if I am a bit down mine seems to make me feel that I have great big wings hugging me giving me warmth and uplifting. No home should be without one of your truly exquisite pieces of artwork. Lots of hugs and love. Lizzie Q   |   June 2018  |   Alcester

How beautiful...

Hi Becci - I have one of your invitation cards which stands on my dining table for all to see and friends who see it say 'how beautiful' and I also have a picture which I received for my birthday which stands on my china cabinet for all to see. When friends come visiting they say how unusual taking time to see what they can see in the picture. I've taken my picture to my Keep Fit class for my friends to see what they can see in it, they think it's amazing the colours are so vibrant keep up the good work Becci. Love & big hugs Ann Williams   |   June 2018  |   Bidford on Avon

My Fantastic Artwork...

Becci, It has been some 24 months since you produced my first piece of Artwork and as it has always been a inspirational piece taking pride of place in my office at Work. You can lose yourself in the artwork and because you can rotate the image it has many depths. The second one was produced from our discussions regarding the planets and solar system and my favourite colour blue. The multiple moons and the hidden tinker bell was exactly what I wanted, your fantastic skills and artistic license created a very magical piece. Massive thanks!!! Kevin Butler   |   July 2018  |   Redditch


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