William Fuld Ouija / Talking Board Set


Mystifying Oracle by John Waddington

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This was bought by my dad in the early 70's we 'played' with it once and the following morning my mum said that dad had taken it to the top of the garden and burnt it because of a message he got after we had all gone to bed.  Fast forward to seven years ago when my mum passed away and hey presto what did we find hidden in the wardrobe.  He must have realised burning it was not going to be a good option. His belief in the spiritual ways was a strong one, which going by the path I take I thankfully inherited.
Anyway, I digress, you will see from the pictures the box is in a pretty poor condition, the planchette is almost perfect apart from the fact the plastic viewer is missing, the board though has no scratches or marks.
A spirit board is not a toy in any sense of the word, if you choose to purchase it then it is what it is your choice and your choice alone. 

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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