Zodiac Wall tiles by ATN Italy

ATN Italy


Italian Gold Leaf tiles - Cancer & Aries

Star Sign
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Zodiac wall hanging art pottery tiles of Crab (Cancer) Ram (Aries) - the only two I have left.

They are hand made in Italy by ATN with Gold Leaf giving the colour. 
These are the last of the twelve I had, but again have been in a box and have scuff marks on them.  I have seen them on the internet described as Vintage.

They both have their ATN labels and also ITALY engraved in them. They also have the finger prints of the people who painted them on the back! 

Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description, and bear in mind that although they are not second hand, they are not perfect due to their being hand made. If you have any questions, like to see more photos or come and see them, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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