Mystical Magical Nights - Crystals by Enchantment

Mystical Magical Nights

The Mystical Magical Nights are now back – one of those events that entertainment and laughter they don't lack.

They are nights in which you will find out all things Mystical and Magical and have a go – at Pendulums, Scrying, Crystals, and even the Tarot.  

Included is a reading with Psychics of renown – who will hopefully make you smile not frown.

 Mystical Magical Nights - Crystals by Enchantment


They are what they are - now that we have brought them back into being - dusted them off.

So if you are thinking of having a party for whatever reason and your friends are completely open minded to an entertaining night exploring the Psychic - Spiritual - Crystal Worlds and what they can offer, then please get in touch.

They are hands on fact and fun packed evenings, working with a whole range of esoteric items, including (but not limited to) Pendulums, Tarot Plate of Destiny, Crystals, Wands, Singing Bowls, Spirit Board, Numerology, quizzes, and making items to take away.  

Each guest will have a Psychic/Spiritual reading.

Mystical Magical Nights, are usually held at our training centre, showroom, studio, but we are more than happy to tailor making them for special occasions at your own premises.

Technical Bit

£40 per Guest.
Minimum of six.
You are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.
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