The time has come to at last move on – to walk a fresh path that no one else has done

The way it seems is to close the door – on almost everything that has gone before

So this is the end I must put in place – the letting go of my safety base

A vast array of my crystals must leave – to make way for what is up my sleeve

Please don’t ask what is on my mind – as that will spoil the surprise you will find

So many of my crystals are reduced – to prices if you look might just seduce

Once they are gone then I can as I said move on – to the path I now know I belong

If you want to come to our home and see them – then please ring first and tell me when

To see by Skype is also a viable option – I will leave that to you – your decision.

Remember though if you too long ponder – they will not be replaced anytime yonder.