The day was breaking when they finally woke.  The light seeping in through the closed curtains finding the gaps where they didn't quite meet.  They lay there listening to the birds and the occasional cars as they drove past: the occupants they assumed on their way to work or taking their offspring to school.
They stretched a little, not too much they were not ready yet to leave the warmth and comfort of their bed.  What, they thought, would today bring - the same as usual - nothing?  That was the problem was there really nothing - was their life really full of nothingness.  Is that even a word - they would look it up later just to satisfy their curiosity.
Maybe they could invent a new course - The Art of Nothingness.  Brilliant get people to come on courses, charge a fortune and be taught absolutely nothing.  The problem with that was some would actually buy into it - they knew too many -  people who bought into some seriously strange 'new' therapies.  A new fad, craze which would sweep the country or even the world, until someone actually realised it was what it said 'nothing'.
All these ideas washing around in their head with no where to go.  Life should be easy the problem was they had an over active imagination.  That was the first problem, the next was they were always trying to go in two different directions at once, but not actually making anything happen, not going anywhere. The final problem was they had become totally disillusioned with the world they worked in too many people doing the same thing now and not all for the 'greater good'.
They knew they had to take a leap of faith sometime and let go, but when? When would be the right time? When would they get their break? Too many questions - maybe they had already had it but being too busy questioning it had let it go.  Maybe that was it they had missed the boat.. They were destined to this life of helping others achieve their dreams but never quite believing in theirs.
So they lay there the light getting brighter and the traffic getting louder; wide awake now thinking of what today would bring.  
Where do I begin to change my life? Where do I want that life to go? What do I want to achieve? What is going to tick all my boxes?
Maybe the nothingness idea wasn't so crazy.. They knew only too well they were not alone in thinking the way they did - too many students and clients over the years bore testimony to it. 
Always striving for this or that but not realising that the things they coveted where things they already had.  Nothingness - learning to live your life without any adjectives. People always asking are you happy or sad - one or the other - no middle ground - Happy, Sad or Nothing. They knew they had to start living their life with no boxes to tick - no expectations - no goals - just for once being and living purely as a real human being.
So bringing their students and clients back to nothingness was actually something they had taught in their own totally illogical way all along.
Nothingness - commonsense (intuition)
They tried to think of an analogy.  How about this - they are in a rush:
They see a candle burning - the flame flickers as it catches their eye - the light the sparkle - but they know if they touch it they will get burned - their mind starts to wander as it is wont to do. So do they either:
a) Out of curiosity touch it and it does what it does or 
b) Nothingness - listen to their commonsense
This then leads them to either:
a) Having to put their finger under a cold tap until the pain goes and maybe have to search for the burn cream which then makes them even later or 
b) Blow the thing out and go and do what they had planned to do and be on time?
Maybe they were right nothingness wasn't the right word for them - they always had to be doing something.
Today they decided would be the day they changed nothing into something. Today they decided would be a new beginning -  a new path, they felt the excitement starting to build.  What would they do to change their life?  They sit up in bed and you realise you are staring straight at yourself - you both smile and you hear your inner voice clear as day.......... "So what are you going to do with the rest of your life?"