Self-Fulfilment-Life Choices
Code:   (SF-2)

These sets are put together especially for insight 

They are specific so will not be black nor white

Any words I am given will be written down

I cannot remove them even if they make you frown

The truth can bring both fun and laughter

But also a hurt which you might have to master

So if you really want your destiny to see

Then give me the answer to the questions three.

This set is put together specifically for the person requesting it.  When purchasing it let me have your name, date of birth and 3 numbers between 1 and 22 inclusive If you have a specific question then please ask it - if the crystals think it is worth answering they will.


Contains: Sceptre Crystal, 4 Tumbled Crystals, Notebook, Satin Pouch, Insight and Guidance.



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