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ART-14 SOLD - Rebecca Waldron-Smith





"Well your artwork what can I say: Mine is hanging up in my bedroom opposite my bed so every time I get in or wake it it is one of the first things I see.  I love it.  I do a lot of meditation before I sleep and I find focusing in on my beautiful drawing the perfect way.  It is such a peaceful piece of artwork, magical.

Such wonderful artwork. it is as if it had been commissioned for me personally.  There are so many elements to see.  Having seen all (I think) of your pieces the drawings are so deep and never ending.  For me also if I am a bit down mine seems to make me feel that I have great big wings hugging me giving me warmth and uplifting.  No home should be without one of your truly exquisite pieces of artwork".Lots of hugs and love.  Lizzie Q


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