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 Never thought this was something I would ever do - but have an idea which I must see through

To do that it means letting go of some that have been my very being - to follow through with the vision I am now seeing

The time has come my mind has said - to find a way to do this brand new venture instead

So if you press on the pictures down below - you will find all the crystals that must from me away flow

Some are single others together - this is the stock I have to let go forever

Once gone they will not be replaced - as it is time for my new future to be headlong faced

If anyone is out there who wants to buy all of my stock - Give me an offer that will not too much shock

I have to warn you they number in hundreds - how they have accumulated is to me always a wonder

The tumbled are staying as the Pillow Boxes are one way - for me just for the moment in the Crystals and their World stay

So click on a picture as I said before - but please come back frequently as I will be adding more

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