EVERYTHING MUST GO - Well almost everything!

I have decided that I am retiring from this part of the Crystal world so that I can pursue a new path that is opening up.  To this end, therefore, all my stock needs to be gone, and I am open to offers on mega bulk purchases..  

Below you will find buttons for the Crystals, Pre-loved Books, Not a Crystal in Sight and Other Stuff (more is being added daily).  They are all collection only by appointment, but most appointments can be for the same day, unless we have already arranged something we cannot get out of.  If you still want anything posting then please ask for a delivery cost.

            (Maximum of Two Adults, Social Distancing and Masks will have to be observed / worn.  I do have a Card Payment Machine for payments)


Crystals by Enchantment - Crystal Sale

Crystals - they have to go!

Never thought this was something I would ever do - but have an idea which I must see through
To do that it means letting go of some that have been my very being - to follow through with the vision I am now seeing
So if you click the button to your right - you will find all the Crystals that must take flight
Some are single others together - this is the stock I have to let go forever
If anyone is out there who wants to buy all of my stock - Give me an offer that will not too much shock
I have to warn you they number in tens of hundreds - how they have accumulated is to me always a wonder


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 Crystals by Enchantment - Book Sale

Pre-loved Books

I have literally hundreds of books and these are just a few, some have been my own personal copies, some were bought for the shop we once had, some were donated.  I am classing them all as pre-loved (used) some are in better condition than others, some are as new, others not so as they are anything up to 30 years old.  I have grouped them rather than selling them off separately.  COLLECTION or ASK FOR DELIVERY COSTS

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Crystals by Enchantment

Not a Crystal in Sight!

Other stock or items I have worked with in workshops or therapy sessions. Some new - some not. They have to go. COLLECTION or ASK FOR DELIVERY COSTS

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     Crystals by Enchantment 

Other Stuff 

I thought  if you have a website why not use it! This, therefore, is mostly personal stuff.
I would normally have car booted or eBayd them, (maybe not our house!) but have put them on here instead. MORE WILL BE ADDED.  COLLECTION or ASK FOR DELIVERY COSTS

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