Scrying & Crystal Ball Gazing Workshop Crystal Ball Workshop

If you could imagine a Crystal Ball – would it be large or would it be small.
To get one to show you how it actually works – you need to see inside and with it lurk.
If this is a path you wish to walk – you have to learn to the Crystals talk. 
Hidden away and deep within – is really where you should begin.
But trying to find what needs to be found – can sometimes make your heart quiver and pound.
This is a time for your own introspection – and maybe even finding that special connection.

I seriously love Crystal Balls so this was a really easy workshop to write. It is I hope you will find the 'everything' you wanted to know about 'Scrying' with a variety of 'tools' including Crystal Balls, Scrying Crystals, Mirrors etc. Scrying is still one of the most mysterious and definitely least understood of all the divination techniques around in the world today with so many people telling you their way is the 'right way'.  Dating back to the Egyptians and Druids -  most places in the world have records of Gazing and especially Crystal Balls going back thousands of years. Nostradamus worked with a bowl of water - something we do on the workshop.

The object of this workshop is to show you how to work with the Crystals and other items, how to Scry safely and with a bit of practice to bring about visions. 
During the the workshop you will see how Scrying / Gazing has always been closely associated with one of the most basic of all the ‘Psychic Gifts’  - Clairvoyance - ‘clear seeing’ - but this workshop will teach you how to 'see' what the Crystals and your own mind are showing you - not spirit. If you have your own Crystal Ball or Scrying Crystal bring it along otherwise I have lots to practice with.

Technical Bit

Full One day - Practical and Theory.  Monday - Saturday - your choice - maximum of four people - starts at 9.30 prompt. 

Cost - £100 includes the items made on the day and lunch / refreshments. 
That is it really - have a think about it and if it is of interest get in touch.

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