Spiritual / Ethereal Development Course

Spiritual Development Course - Crystals by Enchantment

Spiritual Development Course - Crystals by Enchantment

Spiritual Ethereal Development Course - Crystals by Enchantment

 This is a course of workshops on a variety of subjects – to introduce you to a range of paths, mayhap even objects.
So many need to know where these paths lead – let me help you plant idea seeds.
Seeds to places that are thought of by others as otherworldly and strange – your mind the key to a gateway that can be opened and within your grasp and range.
To walk the paths safely you will find – you have to release all pre-conceived ideas from your mind.
The spiritual life is often for some not an easy one – and the choice to take yours by reading this mayhap has begun.
If it has then the choice to proceed via a path safely – I promise I will guide you to it slowly not hastily.

Some know that I have been married to my husband for almost 30 years now, what many don't know is that he was, still is Psychic Malcolm, a ‘retired' professional Psychic for more years than I have known him.  We have been doing this course for well over two decades now – but unfortunately, we have come to realise that the Spiritual and Etheric Worlds like the Crystal World are no longer what they were; they have been turned into something they really should not be.  

So, to that end, we explore the fundamentals of the Spiritual/ Ethereal Worlds, including all the 'Clairs' but if anything doesn't sit comfortably with you, then as you are guided not taught, we will help you find the path that you are happy with.  We start with six fundamental 2 hour sessions (the subjects you need to know before you progress further into our Worlds) and slowly build up to more intense guidance, which you will choose – as I said it's your path. 
Always remember that you are an individual, life would be so boring if we were not, so what you find as totally ‘not you' is another person's ‘button pusher'.

Technical Bit

A 12-session course of 2-hour workshops - theory and practical.
One to One or maximum of Two.
Tuesday - Sundays.
Includes Worksheets and items worked with or made. 
First six sessions £120 each person in advance - then £20 per session.
Includes Tea, coffee, water and biscuits.
Also a 15% discount on anything you decide you desperately cannot live without bought on the day.

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