Crystal Guidance & Workshops

Mayhap you want to learn to ‘read' Crystal Balls – or is it the Wands that intrigue,  and to you call.

How about meditation or mindfulness – for those times your head needs emptying and thinking less.   

can more often than not guide you through a workshop of your choice – to allow the Crystals to through you find their voice.

If you let me know what it is you need – mayhap the Crystals will allow me to help plant a seed.

Thank you for being curious and carrying on reading.  Can I say right from the beginning so you are under absolutely no illusions - I do not, and will not, ever do conventional. Life is much too short to walk in someone else's footsteps.

Why 'guidance' and not teaching? Because if I teach all you are doing is copying me.  Therefore, all the guidance I offer is and has always been written and given in a straight forward – completely no-nonsense but seriously fun way. I have never, and never will, subscribe to the airy-fairy stuff that seems to be the norm nowadays.  My one aim if I have to have one is to bring the joy back into this now way too serious spiritual and holistic world.

The sessions/readings/workshops I do, therefore, are designed for anyone with an open mind and willing to embrace new possibilities. Where you will be guided to work with your feelings - not someone else's.  

 Crystals by Enchantment Wand Workshop

Seriously if it has to do with Crystals then no workshop is off limits - within reason.

Everything I do has been designed to stretch your imagination and intuitive gifts to their limits and beyond. Where the only thing that matters is your intuition – gut feeling – inner voice - call it what you will.  For when you believe in yourself and what you can do - then just mayhap the World will believe in and with you. 

If you want to be different and work with how you feel and not how someone tells you that you should - then welcome.

There are no longer any descriptions for any of the Crystals on the workshops or courses not even their names. You will choose them purely by what you are drawn to – not because an 'expert' has told you that you desperately need 'xyz'.  

Only you will know which is right for you. Don't you think it is time for you to learn from your feelings and intuition. I have managed it, so if I have isn't it time for you to do the same if you truly want to.

Below are a few of my original ones but please do not hesitate to ask about other subjects

 The Original Crystal Wand Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment

The Original Crystal Wand Workshop

Next Workshop  - Sunday 2nd April 2023 at 10 a.m.

The objective of this Workshop is to add to your knowledge and put you on a path where you have gained a suitable level of awareness with the various types of Crystal Wands to be able to work with them in your Therapies or Readings.

This Workshop came into being nearly 20 years ago because of the questions I had been constantly asked about the Crystal Wands and ‘how they work'. Most of the time I managed to answer these questions by demonstration especially with the Acupressure Wands, but then I found I was being asked for ‘more intense' training.

So, this Workshop was designed to introduce you to a completely different way of working with Crystals, through the Wands. I hope that you will find it to be an enlightening, enchanting and above all a thought-provoking experience.  There will of course be hands on practical training as well.

The Original Crystal Wand Workshop is open to all.  If you are currently a therapist specialising in Aromatherapy, Reiki or other Holistic treatments, you should find this Workshop of particular interest, especially if you are already working with Crystals.

If you are not then don't worry it is still and always will be a completely no-nonsense but seriously fun way to spend a day. 

Cost £150, plus you get a 20% discount on anyhing you decide you desperately cannot live without on the day.


 Scrying and Crystal Ball Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment

 Scrying and Crystal Ball Gazing Workshop

I seriously love Crystal Balls so this was a really easy workshop to write. It is, I hope you will find, the 'everything' you wanted to know about Scrying with a variety of 'tools' including Crystal Balls, Scrying Crystals, Mirrors etc. Scrying is still one of the most mysterious and definitely least understood of all the divination techniques around in the world today with so many people telling you their way is the 'right way'.  Dating back to the Egyptians and Druids -  most places in the world have records of Gazing and especially Crystal Balls going back thousands of years. Nostradamus worked with a bowl of water - something we do on the workshop.

The object of this workshop is to show you how to work with the Crystals and other items, how to Scry safely and with a bit of practice to bring about visions. 
During the the workshop you will see how Scrying / Gazing has always been closely associated with two of the most basic of all the ‘Psychic Gifts'  - Clairvoyance - ‘clear seeing' - Clairaudience - 'clear hearing' This workshop will guide you how to 'see' and above all else 'hear' what the Crystals and your own mind are telling you - not spirit. If you have your own Crystal Ball or Scrying Crystal bring it along otherwise I have lots to practice with.

Cost £160, plus you get a 20% discount on anyhing you decide you desperately cannot live without on the day.


 Crystal Riddle Artwork - Crystals by Enchantment

Creative Drawing Meditation Workshops

Why did I decide to do this workshop?

Because when things get too much as they often do in this crazy world we live in I grab a piece of paper and my pens and start to draw.  The peace that washes over me is way too amazing to describe but I know that for just a while I can switch off my brain and just let my pen do the talking.  It could be for 5 minutes or it could be all day. If you have read the rest of my website you will notice that my artwork and the riddles are now more and more my business.  It took me a long time to realise that what I needed in life was in me all along – I just didn't know it.

Creative expression for meditation, relaxation, problem solving and stress relief can and does encompass many forms – artwork, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, music, dance – it literally is any way that you can express yourself creatively.  Anything, which can make you an individual, with individual thoughts, ideas and ultimately as I said problem solving and stress relief.  Because who wants to go through life worrying about the slightest thing.

Many people say to me but I cannot draw – my answer is what is drawing – you do not have to be a Monet or Constable to be able to be an artist.  I cannot see half of what other people see in my artwork and on many occasions they cannot see what I see – who is right and who is wrong – the answer – no one. It is like everything in this world it is a matter of perspective.

Cost £160, plus you get a 20% discount on anyhing you decide you desperately cannot live without on the day.


It is and always will be - YOUR CHOICE. Please get in touch if your choice is to change. Contact Me


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