The Crystal's Song



Listening to a Crystal

I would like to explain The Crystal’s Song a little more, as it encapsulates my approach to Crystals and Crystal books quite well.

There’s no mind-boggling secret formula to Crystals, just an awful lot of common sense which can be summed up looking at the following picture and explanation:

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This image is of a set of three tumbled Red Jaspers, which are a form of Quartz. Over time various people have written their interpretations of what their properties are. And as with most Crystal books this has been devoured as the truth. So how about I ask you to click on the picture. Now what do you see?

They're still pieces of natural Red Jasper. But what has grown more prominently within them is a piece of white Quartz.

What does this mean for the properties of the Crystal?

There are so many Crystals like this, where it may appear to be one kind of Crystal, but is another one altogether. You could find yourself trying to use the Red Jasper for its properties of courage, willpower and energy (as per many Crystal books), but the white Quartz is supposed to be for gentleness, support and caution. Being over-reliant on these guides and pigeon-holes can lead to disappointment. However, if you listen to the Crystal’s songs you will be able to feel that this piece of Red Jasper is not reacting as the book had told you.

Intuition over instruction

So my question is: Do you work empathically with the Crystals, and use your intuition and what they are telling you, or do you dismiss those feelings and side with what a book has told you?

Crystal books are just a guide – look at the pictures with your eyes, but listen and feel with your heart to what your Crystals are teaching you. You have to believe in your own feelings not what someone else’s Crystals imparted to them at a given time. We're all individuals and your Crystals will sing to you, and only you will hear what they have to tell you.

As I used to say to my students if a Crystal doesn’t want to go on a specific centre of energy (other areas of the body are available) then put on the Crystal that does.




A New Approach to Crystals

In February 2020 I returned from a trade show - the Spring Fair at the NEC, with me realising that a new dawn is finally coming.

One of the major Crystal suppliers there was displaying Crystals that were verging on horrific. One being a beautiful Quartz bed on one side, but on the other side a particularly gruesome skull had been carved in to it. Another was a piece of Jasper which had been formed into the skull of a dead bird. Sorry, but did anyone ask the Crystals if this is what they wanted? Or the bigger question who on this earth thought it was a good idea?




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Crystals in their Natural State

Is this what the Crystal world has come to? Crystals are gentle healers and not objects to be formed into gaudy ornaments. These precious objects are now being dug up from our already fragile planet just to be left on shelves to gather dust, and this does not sit well with my way of working.

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My Crystal Book is Coming Soon!

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The Pillow Box Crystal Company

These are based on this philosophy. Rather than reading about what energy you will receive from the Crystals, and before trying to attune yourself to that energy, the Pillow Boxes purposely hide the Crystals from view. This then empowers you to use your intuition about the energy the Crystals are actually emitting, and allowing you to feel the real benefits of the Crystal’s power.

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 What Do You Think?


 The above gives you a taste of what my approach to Crystals and their energy is like! If you have read this far, I would be interested to hear your views. It is time for you, the true Crystal conduits, to stand up and be counted.

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