I have often wondered over the last few years why i called my Crystal 'Readings - 2Dvine.

Various reasons sprang to mind but none seemed to 'fit.

Then late last year we were at some really amazing friends and for what ever reason all my ideas I had been holding back spilled out during the conversation.

It suddenly made so much sense - everything.  In front of me was 'number 2'.

We met up yesterday and I gave her the complete 2Dvine set I had been making for her, and we agreed that now was the time to begin the journey together.  2Dvine is a unique experience only carried out by the two of us.

So if I am too far away for a 2Dvine sessionthen hopefully Bev is closer - she lives in Fenny Compton in Warwickshire and her phone number is 07854 900504.