If someone says to you ‘smile’ one more time – When you are sick to the back teeth of saying ‘I am fine’

At what point in this life did it become such a sin – To need to wallow in self pity and for a while just give in

There are times when all you need is to retreat – Into a world where you can lay down or just take a seat

Where you can allow and let your mind start to uncurl – From all the madness this world can and does hurl

Instead of someone saying you need pills to make you smile – Why not take yourself off to your own world for a while

A world where if you write all those things down – That have a tendency to make you not smile but frown

Then replace those that are always making you snappy – With ones you need that will make you happy

You actually might just find the answers you are seeking – And instead of having to listen to others say ‘smile’ you find yourself peeking

Into the future that can really be yours - But only if you start testing and opening some doors

Doors that lead to paths that for a while have seemed impossibly shut – Because trying to smile for others kept making you tut

The life you need can suddenly become clear – If you step onto those paths without prejudice or fear

So the next time you hear someone to another say ‘smile’ – Why not pass on your wisdom and show  them how to retreat to their own world for a while.