Sometimes I write things and then think whoops – mayhap not - but I'm not one to change my mind easily so I let them stand.  As I don't know if anyone actually reads these apart from my brother I may as well carry on.

I should write words really profound – about Crystals and things which on this website abound.

But really not in the mood today – the words I really want to speak I cannot say.

Life is tough and can be scrappy – today is a day when I don't feel happy.

One of my clients cancelled at the last minute – not giving me time her slot to fill it.

So having spent time for her thinking and writing – all I am doing is here drinking tea and typing.

So think when next you cancel an appointment without a care – how would you feel if the next time they weren't there.

We sit and listen to everyone's cares and woes – and they go away sorted,  happy and on the tips of their toes.

Spare a thought the next time you type or pick up your phone – we all have a roof we need to keep over our home.

We love what we do with a holistic passion – but taking the p... needs to go out of fashion.