The children's protests should we all applaud – We all agree climate change should be abhorred

But surely they should look a bit closer to home – To their parents / teachers with cars and their mobile phones

In days gone by we used our legs – As bus fares from parents had to be begged

Two miles both ways we had to walk – Giving us time to get exercise and actually talk

The fumes that are deposited outside the schools – Mainly comes from hundreds of parents / teachers and their cars fuel

The best one we have observed is the paper lad – Who gets driven to deliver the papers by his Mum sometimes his Dad

So protest children as much as you like – But ask yourselves shouldn't you walk or bike

Try taking responsibilities for your own actions – And stop putting the blame on other factions

I hear the screams ‘it isn't safe on the roads' – Stop making excuses it will be too late when your planet explodes or will it be implodes

The only reason the roads are not safe – Is because your parents / teachers use the pavements as their personal parking space

Watch their faces when you ask them not to drive – And the excuses they make as their car they tell you they cannot without survive

Not all parents / teachers are like this I have to agree – But it would interesting their reaction for you to see

One snowflake can start an avalanche – Maybe to the earth it's time to  offer an olive branch