Thank you for at least reading this bit.  Before you go any further, you have to know I am looking for an agent/publisher who is not above upsetting a few people. I lay down to you a challenge, which you are of course free to accept or dismiss.  If you take on my book you are taking on the Crystal - Holistic – New Age worlds – call us what you will. It will, I think I can more or less guarantee, be a bumpy ride as the ‘experts' will not appreciate their status quo being questioned. The Crystal retailers and wholesalers, well they will be an entity to be reckoned with on their own!

In my prologue I try to give an insight into what I am aiming to do.  I have worked in this ‘world' for a long time, and have seen it change, now without recognition to what it was. I fully believe still in what I have done and what I still want to do, but the Crystal world needs to change and this book will go in some part to doing that before anymore of the planet is destroyed in the name of ‘healing'.

The first couple of chapters are in rhyme, the rest of it written normally, except it is a story within a story, which could lead to another story but not at the moment. The question then is, are the stories fact or fiction.

If I have intrigued you in some small part, then please get in touch.