As you can imagine I get a lot of emails from 'wholesalers' around the world trying to get me to buy Crystals.  I received one the other day from yet another company in China and the following is my reply:

Sorry I am really not a customer you would want - I am retiring because I can no longer live with the destruction of this planet in the name of ‘healing'. The Crystal world has been taken over by people who are purely in it for profit. You say you are ‘ethical' but how can you be when you are digging up - blowing up the Earth to remove the crystals. Mayhap you should think about moving into a different line of work while there is still a planet to live on. Light and kindness 

This was their reply:

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your message. You just gave a different perspective on crystals and inspired people. Light and kindness

Good or Bad I'm not sure?