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Welcome to Crystals by Enchantment  where I have been specialising, working and running training courses with Crystals for the last 20 years and counting. I have, hundreds of Crystals for sale here in my online Crystal Shop, and now also available for collection from my workshop/office in Tenbury Wells (appointments only) These Crystals have been forming in the Earth for millions and even billions of years. Please feel free to peruse through my artwork too, and read about my upcoming book, The Crystal’s Song, and the thinking behind it.



 A Crystal Shop with a Difference


 Many ‘authorities’ on Crystal energy will tell you how each Crystal has its own distinct properties, which will cure you or give you energy on demand. However, every Crystal is different. Each Crystal will have been formed at a different time, in a different place, and mayhap have different Crystals within it that you cannot see with your physical eyes.  Each Crystal just like you has its own energy, and its own personality. Changes in your life are possible if you believe in yourself enough.  These changes can be yours if you trust in your imagination, intuition and have faith in your own subconscious and what you are capable of attracting. Your mind is the most powerful part of you – listen to it.

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What you will find at Crystals by Enchantment

Natural crystal from our Crystal shop in natural environment.


You can find a wide range of sometimes rare Crystals, some carved or polished, and some in their natural form. You can also find pendants, charms, wands, bracelets, and incense holders. If you are looking for a certain kind of Crystal, have a look through my Crystal shop, familiarise yourself with the enchanting Crystals you can work with.

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Book on Grass in Nature


There are a wide range of books on many spiritual subjects, including Crystals, astrology, spirituality, divination, homeopathy, and witchcraft. My books for sale are both new and pre-loved. For background knowledge on these and many other subjects, browse our spiritual book store here.

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Section of our artwork on sale in our crystal shop


A selection of abstract drawings, with elements of the natural and the spiritual to inspire thought and contemplation. The bright colours and flowing designs will captivate and enchant you, and will bring any room to life. 


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crystal incense holder on a tree stump. Available in our crystal shop

 Holistic Accessories

Find incense burners, and holders, spiritual greetings cards, and a variety of charming gifts that will brighten any home.


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Beautiful Crystals

Please have a look at the new Crystals I have acquired. I am always on the lookout for ethical sources of Crystals and will stock them here when they arrive. I believe a Crystal’s source and story to be extremely important to its energy, so I take great pains only to purchase Crystals from reputable sources.


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Going further than the books 

 While books mayhap be a useful guide, they are not infallible. It is far more important to listen to your own intuition about a Crystal’s energy, and if that Crystal will choose to work with you. You may find a Crystal has a positive effect in an unexpected location, if you take the time to attune yourself to its frequency. Crystals by Enchantment is here to help you find the right Crystals for you. 

Finding the Right Crystals for You 

 Even by browsing my online Crystal shop, you may find yourself getting a feeling for the kind of energy a Crystal may have. This intuition is much more important than a generalist guide. Many Crystals are millions, and even billions of years old, and have their own story to tell, if we just care to listen.  


 Section of a river bed.



Welcome to a website where nothing is what it seems
– because is anything in this world a reality or all just a dream

Let me try and explain
– because what you and I see are not the same
Light can be dark
– or like a cat can or cannot bark
But can dark be light
– or would that make things too bright
The words I come out with might just make your day
– just trying to interpret what I say
I work with my inner voice, my intuition
– the things I produce may not always be a logical decision
My artwork comes from the Crystals around me
– the images produced are not what I, but you will see
Now having done all my listening
– especially to the Crystals singing and glistening
This website is for those wanting a change
– who want to be thought of as slightly strange
It is aimed at those wanting to have some fun
– who like me have followed a path which is now done
I have decided after so many years
– to stop tearing my hair out and trying to please
If you want to learn some fascinating things
– then this could be where your journey begins
I aim to change your mind and perception
– to find a new way without deception
So if you want to learn to open yourself up
– I can put on the kettle and we can chat and tea sup.
My rhyming might leave a lot to be desired
– but working for myself I know I cannot be fired
My ways of working may be tongue in cheek
– but if you wander it through you may find what I do is mayhap, just mayhap what you seek.





Becci has given me the confidence to believe that crystals have chosen me and will work with me to deliver treatments.  I am sure that other questions will come up as in some ways I see this as the start of my journey rather than the end.  To sum up? I will try! I feel a vast awe and a compelling deep respect. I feel as if the unbelievable has become a very special part of my life.  I feel as if a gift has been presented to me; a gift which will end only if I stop believing in it. I feel overwhelming thanks. Sharon (Crystals and their World).

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 If you see within my shop a lovely Crystal, but what you want to read there is not shown, don’t hesitate, enquire by phone: 07770 470 270.

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