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Welcome to this website now reborn – I cannot fib it has had me torn
Torn between what I have in the past been – And all the journeys taken in between
To finally realise what I have now become – My thoughts I know will seriously alienate some
But my saving grace has been those me around – Who have welcomed my ways and in me have found
Someone who no longer cares what people say – As they too have learned also not to obey
Obey the books of thoughts of many ('experts') out there – When what is within themselves is what they should care
They have seen what the Crystals have to them shown – Heard their Crystal’s Songs without minds being blown
Felt what the Crystals to them have given – So they too can in the Crystals and their World live in
A word of caution it will evolve so much more – As another path has opened I have to explore
So if you are intrigued and want to find a new way – Press the button below to maybe find your own new path to lay


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