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Genuine Testimonials from students, customers and clients

Hi Becci, All arrived safely, thank you so much. Loving the little bags and thank you for the gorgeous moonstone; I shall frame it and put it in my room. Thanks again, I wish you every success for your new venture. Take care. Love Anne xx


Being with the crystals, the warm company and the meditations! I thoroughly enjoyed my crystal sessions and feel more confident in my ability to connect to and work with their energies. Julie (Crystals and their World Course)


I received first class service from Becci from start to finish. She answered all of my questions quickly and nothing that I asked of her was too much hassle. The item came wrapped very securely and arrived when expected. Thank you Becci for all of your help! Nikisha
**Oh bless you Becky I remember with great fondness the Crystal courses I did with you with Mal, Lynn and Sue. Also the evening reading groups. My best wishes to both you and Malcolm for the future love and hug Lyn xxx


**Becci - That’s fantastic news about your paintings, I said you will do well with it. All is good with me and tools are working, I will give you a call soon, best of luck in parting with the crystals. Regards Kev (Switching Off & Re-Booting)


**Hi Becci -Great to hear from you & good luck with whatever you decide to do going forward.  Fabulous about your art exhibition/sale, I may be away that weekend but if not will try & get along to have a look/buy.  Hope you're both keeping well, keep in touch & let me know what you get up to, maybe meet up for a coffee/cake sometime? Take care. Bethan xxx


**Becci, read the book and loved it :)  Only tiny point would be that I'm sure there are very few of us would want to 'hit the send button'.  I loved the authentic approach and it really felt like I knew much more when I finished reading it.  It's a very lovely book to own and loved the crystal on the front and sewed pages.  Feels like a really magical experience reading it.  The other unusual thing I noticed was the lilac purple emenating from the page joins throughout the book.  It looks like the book is radiating amethyst - are the margins purple? Kathy R


**Hi hope you are ok, just wanted to let you know I achieved a milestone for myself today with your help, I had to go to the dentist which I'm scared of and had to go on my own today for the first ever as no one could come with me, rather than cancel I said no you can do it! I always have a panic attack when going, but today while sat waiting I closed my eyes found your voice - deep breathing in and out, letting all my negative thoughts and anxiety go out through the chimney smoke, although I still cried sitting in the dentist chair I didn't have a panic attack which is a first, so I just wanted to say thank you". BB (Switching Off & Re-Booting)


**Becci has given me the confidence to believe that crystals have chosen me and will work with me to deliver treatments.  I am sure that other questions will come up as in some ways I see this as the start of my journey rather than the end.  To sum up? I will try! I feel a vast awe and a compelling deep respect.  I feel as if the unbelievable has become a very special part of my life.  I feel as if a gift has been presented to me; a gift which will end only if I stop believing in it.  I feel overwhelming thanks. Sharon (Crystals and their World)


**The crystal course with Becci has been excellent.  I have learnt so much.  It has given me confidence to enjoy and work with the crystals, Becci is extremely knowledgeable on this subject.  I would highly recommend her to any one with an interest in learning more able the World of Crystals** Lorna (Crystals and their World)


**HI Becci, I picked up the package from the post office today. The crystals are beautiful I absolutely love them and can't wait to start working with them. They couldn't come at a better time to  keep my mind off of things ...................... . I'll  speak you on Wednesday thank you so much. Donna - Canada  (Crystal Floriart Oracle Card Set)


** It’s OK.  I know that you have been busy. I always think of you both and I am especially grateful for your teaching Becci.  I use it every day and amazing things are beginning to happen.  I am also receiving some interesting guidance and wonderful opportunities appear to be presenting themselves to me. I’ll see you very soon.   I need to top up some crystals too. Lots of love - Thanks - Chris


**Dear Becci, I would like to thank you for the course on skype about crystal runes. I enjoyed it very much and you are an excellent teacher!! Yours Sincerely With Blessings - Chantal (Belgium) (Alternative Crystal Runes)


**Hello Becci,The second package arrived safely and the runes are marvelous. Thank you also for the beautiful parcels to put them in.Have a peaceful Christmas.With all my love Chantal (Belgium) 


**Becci is a great tutor who is professional, knowledgeable and has a passion for her world. I feel genuinely sad that the course has come to an end.  I have enjoyed it so much and cannot thank Becci and Malcolm enough for their kindness and generosity.  I feel that I have learned so much and they have helped me so much on my spiritual journey. Shelley (Crystals and their World)


**What a fantastic day on Saturday, marvellous time!  thank you so so much! went and bought loose tea earl grey till I can get my hands on some Russian Caravan! Rachel (Afternoon Tea and Tea Leaf Reading)


**Both Becci and Malcolm have really helped me look into myself and believe in myself. Thank you Nic(Reading the Tarot)


**The course opened my eyes to a whole world that I never explored before. Jennifer (Reading the Tarot)


**A very educational experience, with the correct balance of practical and theory...Money well spent. Becci is a beautiful light - patient, thorough and respectful. Chris Glover (Crystals and their World)


**Becci cares about teaching you correctly. She is the loveliest of people.  This course was enlightening, and bringing the crystals to life in many ways to enhance the healing. I loved it every time I came and so will you. Jacqui Rogers  (Crystals and their World) 


** The course has opened my eyes and made me feel proud of who I am and what I see and believe. Thank you for all your support and guidance. Nicola (Psychic Development)


** Wonderful experience. Becci is a lovely teacher I enjoyed every minute of the course.  The meditations are amazing. Tracey (Psychic Development)


**This course has changed my life for the better, me as a person and given me a path to where I want to go emotionally and professionally - cannot wait to continue my journey with you. Sharon (Crystals and their World)


**My personal, spiritual lesson - Becci is a wonderful spiritual teacher and I was lucky enough to spend the whole day with her. I first met Becci on a wand workshop she was running and I adored her energy, knowledge and joyful delivery.   A year has now passed since we first met and I’ve travelled a long way on my spiritual journey. I’ve been attending a spiritual church but there were three topics that greatly interested me, auras, pendulum skills and an out of body experience, which I needed extra help with. I’d read a great deal about all 3 but felt I needed someone to give me practical help.

Becci did exactly that. We worked out what I already knew, she then added to my knowledge and we worked together so well on various tasks and meditations.  I had real success with all three.  I could take it at my own pace and ask lots of questions along the way, which was lovely.

A private lesson might not work for everyone, but now I’m not a beginner it was just right for me. Thanks for all your kindness Becci and I hope we can do it again soon. Liz M - (Mix and Match)


**Becci is an amazing, caring, knowledgable lady who puts me at ease. A beautiful experience, giving me the opportunity to learn about the world of crystals and grow as a spiritual person. Fantastic. Sad its finished. Thankyou. ....Elaine - (Crystals and their World)


**I did not know much about crystals and wht they could do. Its amazing how they work.  Becci is a great teacher.....Heidi (Crystals and their World)


**Wonderfully taught and couldn't ask for a better and lovlier tutor than Becci. Such a wonderful course has opened my'eyes' more to whats out there and certainly helped me on my path....Lisette (Crystals and their World)


**Tutor is excellent, very undertstanding, patient and knowledgable. I felt I had entered a new world. I knew there was one and I've learned with my Tutor's help to enter it.........Ann - (Crystals and their World)


**Hi Becci & Malcolm -Just to say thank you for today and the last couple of workshops!! -I have gained moreconfidence each session with yourselves and will continue to practice .............I have really enjoyed the course. Val - (Reading the Tarot)


**Hi Becci -Thank you to you and Malcolm for today. I actually feel now that yes I can do this. The first lady that I saw was lovely and very easy to read for (palm reader), sorry I cant remember her name.  Thank you once again and see you soon. Love S x (Reading the Tarot)


**Hi Becci, its D.....n, thank you very much for taking time to see me today, I feel it's helped me to feel better inside and given me a fresh outlook to the future. I will come to see you soon. Thanks again for the inspiration and healing** (Soma Crystal Energy Therapy)


**Hi Becci, Really enjoyed Saturday - it was strange, it was like something just clicked and made me realise that I should be helping people if I can rather than sitting here doing the same old.  It was that pendulum that did it - it was magical.  Wands are all in the summerhouse soaking up the sunlight and moonlight along with my chakra crystals so we are all good to go.Thank you Love and best wishes Jean** (Original Crystal Wand Workshop)


**Good Morning - can you thank Becci for me for a very enjoyable evening.  I feel like I am once again finding myself in the world I belong, where I am comfortable and feel like I am coming home! Yvonne**  (Psychic Development)


**Hi Becci/Malcolm, I hope you are both well.  Becci I would firstly like to say thanks for the smudging workshop the other day - it was amazing. Really informative, thoroughly enjoyable and as I said I am really impressed by the workbooks.

I love visiting you guys - it is such a serene place and escape from the hustle and bustle of everday life.

Anyway...I was just on your website an noticed that you have a reiki pets day coming up - which is amazing because for ages I have been wanting to arrange something like this for my cat, but didnt know where to start... Crystals by Enchantment to the rescue. Many thanks Sophia**


**Hey Becci,Realised it's been almost a week and I haven't sent this! Thank you so much for a fab few hours last Friday. I enjoyed every second. I adore spending time with you ( and Malc) but particularly you, and last week was special.

I have used the crystal cards a few times over this last week and they have been amazing! I just love them..... And think they love me back, as they have given me some wonderfully accurate information, that has indeed helped me to help others in some incredibly powerful ways! Thank you so much for making up a set for me, I feel so privileged and it is most certainly a privilege to use them.

Everyone has commented on how beautiful they are. They are as gorgeous as their creator!

Look forward to catching up with you. Peace and Progress Always - Bev xxxxx


**Hi Becci, Michelle W here from the Crystal Wand Workshop! Thank u 4 such a lovely day I really enjoyed it & thank u 4 entrusting me with ur beautiful crystals (ur babys!) I'm going 2 get so much pleasure & development from them! Can,t believe how lucky & privilaged I feel 2 av them! Hope 2 c u both soon lots of love, light & blessings Shell X


**Hello Becci,Thank you so much for the wand workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed and can't wait to try one out on my horse. You both made feel very welcome and I love the shop. I could have shopped for heaven. Love and light Julie


**Hi Becci, Just a little note to say thank you so much for the wand workshop last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and your relaxed gentle teaching style. The wands are amazing and I have used some of the ones I bought already. My friends and family loved their gifts especially my son, who loves his new wand! I wish you every success in the future with the shop and business. I no doubt will be in touch for more gifts at some point. All the best Love - Debbie Px


**Hi becci I did the crystal ball workshop with you today and really  really enjoyed it , the best.    All the best Maxine


**Hi Becci,

This is to thank you so much for the great workshop. Also, many thanks for helping me to stay on the ground. Kind regards, H...... Price,**


 **Hello Becci - Just wanted to thank you for the quick postage, but also to say what a lovely item this is.  I am really pleased with it! Lara


**Hi Becci, Michelle W here from the Crystal Wand Workshop! Thank u 4 such a lovely day I really enjoyed it & thank u 4 entrusting me with ur beautiful crystals (ur babys!) I'm going 2 get so much pleasure & development from them! Can,t believe how lucky & privilaged I feel 2 av them! Hope 2 c u both soon lots of love, light & blessings Shell X


**Hello Becci,Thank you so much for the wand workshop yesterday.  I really enjoyed and can't wait to try one out on my horse. You both made feel very welcome and I love the shop.  I could have shopped for heaven. Love and light  Julie


**Hi - I never answered your email, but am taking this opportunity to say thank you - I did indeed receive it the next day to my amazement (I thought all the post would be delayed because of the snow etc). Thank you - the wand was delightful. With best wishes Cheryl L 


**Hi Becci a lovely chakra wand arrived today- my wife will love it! Go well and Blessed Be Brett (Australia)


**Hello! Thank you so much for my wands!  I received them today!  They are so lovely! Angel Blessings.Tracey  


Hi Becci, The wand has now is beautiful!  Thank you also for the dream angel stone - it feels like just what I need right now.Blessings,Sharamel x 


Hi,  Becci & Malcolm,   I would just like to wish continued success, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year,and I hope to be popping along to the shop to see you as I am interested in the Mystic Party nights and Psychic Nights. Until then, thank you for your informative emails. Love , Lorna .


Hi Becci the chakra wand arrived a couple of days ago and is a thing of beauty- I'm very pleased and would like to wish you well. Go well and Blessed Be. Brett (Australia)


Hi Becci & Malcolm  - Just a note to say thank you again for your wonderful hospitality, most appreciated and we hope to return the same some day soon. We really enjoyed the course and I have already started using some of the techniques with good results. Am I a star pupil!!!!!   Take care Kind Regards Elizabeth and Gilbert (they came on a Wand Workshop all the way from Cork, Ireland)


**No problems Becci... its just me jumping to conclusions.  You didn’t say you made them; I was just so enthusiastic as it feels so marvellous.I’ve given it pride of place on my altar, and I just keep on having to take it off and hold it.  I just love the energy.  Please pass on my gratitude for the quality to the chap you get them from as well; if he knows who made that wand he can tell them how much it is valued already.  I will treasure it.Thanks for letting me know in any case.

My Reply:Hi Sue – Thank you so much for letting me know they have arrived safely and how much you love the wand – it sounds like it has gone to a really nice home. I do have to let you know though that i don’t personally make them – they are made abroad in a totally ethically fair-traded workshop (the guy who owns the workshop actually comes from Manchester originally) – and I wouldn’t deal with him if his artists weren’t looked after properly. I have checked my website and I cannot see that I have said I make them – but I felt that I needed to let you know just in case.Light and Kindness Becci

**Hi Becci, My wand arrived about half an hour ago and the only reason I haven’t emailed before is because I love it so much I haven’t been able to put it down yet!!! It feels so good, and so right, and I get a tingle just holding it.  Thank you so much for your skilled craftsmanship in making these wands.I love my spell book too, and want to thank you so much for the lucky dip crystals, that was very kind of you.I will recommend you to everyone I know and see if I can drum up some business locally.  I know my friend is looking for a wand, and I will pass the word round onto others too.Love and light,Sue

**Hi again Becci, Just to let you know that my wand has arrived safely - it's lovely, and to say thank you for sending me a chakra charm, it was an unexpected surprise & a lovely gesture. It's been a pleasure and I hope to buy again from you in the future. Kindest regards Carol  

 **Dear Becci,I picked up the wand from the post office today. It is beautiful. Thank you! Kind Regards,Kelli - (6 days to America)

EMAIL READING - Hi Becci, Many thanks for your email. - Just wanted to say thank you. Disappointed that you didn't get a name of guide for me so I am still in a state of confusion!!, although your additional information makes sense to me, and for that, I am very grateful. Many thanks. Kind regards,Debbie xx  FOLLOW UP EMAIL Many, many thanks Becci.That's so very kind of you to email. - I am very happy with that message!.Best wishes,Debbie xx

**Hi Becci Thanks for your email i have just received my order - i am very pleased with the chakra wand, the crystals are beautiful. Thank you for posting it so promptly i will certainly be ordering from you again in the future.Thanks once again. Best wishes Sarah  

**Hi Becci,The goods have arrived and are not damaged at all.Very happy with them.Light and Kindness to you too.Iris  

**Hi Becci, Recieved my crystals today thank you.Done as you said with the fluorite crystal and i feel like i am on the mend.  Thanks again,see you at Witney. Donna

*Hi just letting you know the items are here. They are fantastic thankyou very much. NAT 

**Hi Becci,just to let you know that the wand arrived yesterday safe and sound. Once again, thank you for the fantastic service! Tom 

 **Becci,I got the wand yesterday and it is so very beautiful. The photo didn't do justice.Many thanks!! Denise - (6 days to America) 

**Hi Becci! the wand arrived this morning as promised,which is less than two working days so I thank you for that.I absolutely adore the wand!I felt connected to it straight away.It is beautifully made and it looks even better than I thought. This is a nice addition to my tools.I will certainly recommend you to a friend. Thank you for the great service.blessed be Chloe

**Becci, Just to let you know that the item has arrived safe, sound and prompt as promised; many thanks.Beautiful thing too. Jack.

**Hi Becci  Well, the postman rang the door bell this morning and there were the wands, pendants and crystals I ordered (earlier than the post office thought ).  As before, they were beautifully protected and as I unwrapped each one there was an immediate connection with them. .................................
Well, thank you once again for your excellent service and for looking after the wands, pendants and crystals before sending them to me. I am really pleased with the selection of bags that you chose, as if you already know me.  They were perfect. Thank you, Gail 

**Hi Becci,Just realised I'm replying on my official astrology template, but never mind, it could well interest you to take a look at my website! Just a quick line to say thanks for the speedy and safe delivery of the wands. I am genuinely impressed with your service and everything about your site and follow up service is highly commendable. I get a really nice feel for what you are doing - and that's without seeing your birth chart!! Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas or in whatever way you celebrate Yuletide. Most importantly, chill out and relax - all work and no play..................... I'll be back!  Phil  

**Hi Becci, i got my wands today, i would just like to let you know how happy i am with them. I am hoping to do reiki courses shortly and wanted the chakra wand so i could always use it for healing. The wand was just the right size, and you can tell how well made it is just by looking at it. I am really pleased, thankyou very much, and thankyou for your lovely service,  Love and Light, Becky

 **Thanks Becci,
Wand arrived, however, my puppy liked the packaging and has chewed the end of the wand.  I will probably have to re-order another on, I was so upset, but these things happen.  It does look lovely tho and it was the wood tip she chewed.  I would also like to get hold of a book telling me how to use.  Any advice - will be in touch soon.  ps look at my website and you can see who caused the damage. Speak soon, peace and light.Sue x

 **hi there! The wand has been recieved safely.I have bought for a very beautiful friend and she will be perfect for it.thank you very much.  It's beautiful.Cherie 

**Hello Becci - I just wanted to let you know that the wands arrived today as promised. They were protected very well and received safely. Thank you so much. I am a bit new to all this, but hope to use them wisely. I already feel connected to them both. Gail

**Hi Becci, Received the wand this morning - it is a beautiful piece. My son really loves it. many thanks. Love Sharon

**Hi Becci, just to let you know (as promised!), H..... loved the wand, she was blown away - thank-you so much for your help, you've been so kind. If everyone approached their customers in the same way as you the world would be a much better place! :o) Rest assured, I'll be recommending your site to all and sundry, and if you ever need a magician, you know who to call... ;o) My Very Best Regards, Magically Yours, Rich Stephens

**Hi Becci, My wands arrived today and i'm very pleased with them i'm sure my friend will love them too. They looked exactly like the photo's. So thank you for your help and the speedy delivery, take care...Christina.

**Hi Becci - What a lovely start to a Monday as usual the wands are stunning and my lovely pressie really made me smile such a kind gesture thanks so much they are so nice
and a sweet bag - I love it all !!!! Keep in touch - Have a lovely week. Best Wishes Julie

**Hi Becci, Wands arrived this afternoon - all in one piece (thanks to your conscientious packing) and all looking very special and lovely. Thank you, and thanks also for the card.Matthew

**Hi Becci, Just to let you know i have received my order, thank you very much, also thank you for the xmas card, i hope you and your family have a lovely xmas and a happy new year. Many thanks, Judith.

**Hi, Becci and Malcolm, just emailing to say thanks I received the wand delivery and thanks also for the card. Have a good Christmas also. Jan

**Morning Becci, Post delivered on Saturday it's a beautiful piece. I shall keep this safe and treasure it always Joy and Happiness. Desmond

**Hi Becci Great news the wands came today.I love them & will order more shortly. Thank you Kris (America)

**Hi Becci, Just to let you know my parcel has arrived.Have got my bracelet on ..Thanks for sending the parcel so promptly. Love and lights, Ann.

**I just got the wand today. It's beautiful!!! And it has a very pure clear practically sings to you. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Sandy (America)

**Hello Rebecca Thank you so much for the lovely wands!!! I am so pleased with them!!! My husband got them for my birthday today. Take care Love & Light PB

**Massage wands arrived safely & I'm delighted with them. I warm them for massage using a wheat bag. health & happiness. Jane

**Thank you for your oh so prompt deliveries. The smokey quartz wand is wonderful and it has joined the other two on my desk and I have to keep touching them each time I pass by. Also delighted with the accupressure wand which I am sure to use in many of my treatments. Good health & happiness Jane

**Hi Rebecca - Thanks for the quick response, it is surprise pressie for P for Xmas so I am sure she will be delighted with it. Best wishes for 2007. - Michael J

**Hi, Rebecca. I got the wands on Saturday morning. That was quick! Thank you for sending them so quickly. Thank you very much for everything! all the best, KC..
**Hi Rebecca... my wand came just a little bit ago! Guess it just got hung up somewhere along the line. It's beautiful. Thank you so much. I have you site bookmarked for future reference. Thanks for all your help. Have a wonderful day! Nancy (America)

**Thank you so much for my wand... as a beginner to most of this (ive 'played with crystal and aromatherapy for years)... I am learning as I go along, yet I feel authomatically feel the energy from this wand and know that it will become a trusted companion. Thank you greatly..... Love and Lite...Lix...x

**Well I received a notice in the mail yesterday. They tried to make the delivery when no one was home to sign for the package. I was able to run by the post office today after work and pick it up.
The package got here in good shape. The wand is beautiful and the crystals are a better quality than I expected, thanks so much. It is nice to know there are still people in the world who believe in doing a good job and delivering a quality product. Opening my package and finding such a beautiful, delicate wand absolutely made my day. Again, Thank you. Renee (Australia)

**Hi Becci, The wands arrived this morning. Thank you, they are all really beautiful. I love these little wands. The small one is so cute. This is a very nice wand. I think you will be seing me again!!
The Amethyst Nix wand is really lovely, and the large crystal (Peri) is just what I wanted. Each one has its own character. And I love them because they are so beautiful. Thank you. Sue (Germany)  

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