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 The Crystal's Song© - The Book

Publisher Needed

How would you feel if you were asked to take a look – at what could be classed as a controversial book.
One where its contents have been written to turn a world on its head – speaking what others have been thinking but not spoken as they dread.
The repercussions that could and will hopefully abound – but only if a brave publisher can be found.
Especially one knowing that it could upset many of their existing clients – but also one that to help save the planet then on them this author is reliant.
So, would you consider it was a risk worth taking – if your own world it would end up shaking.
Then I will leave you with the extract and synopsis below – and if you are intrigued, please let me know.

Chapter 14
The mist had gone and the rainbows had started to clear – imagine hell on Earth then add a lot of fear.

Willow sensed that time had shifted, her skin crawling as her intuition told her this was not going to be a good thing.  Wherever she had always been to before, it definitely wasn't where they were now.
As the scene before them came into focus she heard her aunt take a sharp intake of breath.
'Oh my god, what have we done?' Daisy cried out.
Willow tried, but was failing miserably to take in what was before her, the smells, the noise, the taste in her mouth, the complete and utter horrific devastation. It couldn't be true, but the reality in front of her told her this wasn't even a dream, this was a nightmare! Her aunt's words echoed in her mind.
What have we done? 
They found they were standing on the top of a small hill looking down at what was spread out before them. It looked as if a giant had placed its hands at the mouth of what must have once been a small cave entrance in front of them, ripping it open and taking with it the ground before it; this was then turned into one immense mud filled crater.  The area that would have once been covered in trees and vegetation now lay barren and bare. Willow could just make out some more trees in the distance which she instinctively knew would not be there for much longer. The smell of burning wood and oil fumes hung in the windless air, the smoke causing a haze as if trying to mask what was being done here.


What is this tale, is it real or fiction – are you willing to question what is inside written?
The tale that is told by one Crystal or is it another – has been written to assist you to open up to discover.
That what you hear when with your Crystals you together work – is what is deep within you and already inside does lurk.
The Crystal's Song is a wakeup call – to all those who no longer want to fall.
Into the trap of a blinkered existence – with no hope of change in the near or even future distance.
But if you are willing to read this with an open mind – and take up the challenge with what you find.
Then Willow, Mariam, Meilyr and Nathanial – four ‘Crystals' who come without an ‘experts' manual.
Will take you to their world where you will see – that change has to happen if the Crystals and our World are to survive and be free.
This then is a tale of two Crystals and the Crystals around – telling a tale of another two Crystals and the Crystals with them found.
It starts with the chance, or is it, meeting of a human and a Crystal – after a period of 25 years the one unaware on a journey wistful.
They take on the quest to change others mindsets – by writing a tale full of adventures and tests.
They write of another whose life is inextricably linked – with Crystals and family ties some thought of extinct.
The tale that is told is one of fantasy, romance, adventure and above all else fact – all woven together with the tales of the Crystals they will impact. 
How finding that by trying to change the status quo – threats and danger are not always from the ones you know.
My challenge to you is to listen to your Crystal's Songs - then you will know that together you truly belong.

Thank you for reading the above.  
Before you go any further, you have to know I am looking for an agent/publisher who is not above upsetting a few people. I lay down to you a challenge, which you are of course free to accept or dismiss.  If you take on my book you are taking on the Crystal - Holistic – New Age worlds – call us what you will. 
I think I can more or less guarantee, it will be a bumpy ride as the ‘experts' do not appreciate their status quo being questioned. The Crystal retailers and wholesalers, well they will be an entity to be reckoned with on their own! 
I have worked in this ‘world' for a long time, and have seen it change; now without recognition to what it was. I fully believe still in what I have done and what I now need to do,  the Crystal world needs to change and this book will go in some part to doing that before anymore of the planet is destroyed in the name of ‘healing'.
The first couple of chapters are in rhyme, the rest of it written normally, except it is a story within a story, which could lead to another story depends on how brave we are. The question then is, are the stories fact or fiction.
If I have intrigued you in some small part, then please get in touch or read below to understand the meaning behind The Crystal's Songs.
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Listening to a Crystal

I feel the need to explain what I mean by The Crystal's Songs, as it encapsulates my approach to Crystals and Crystal books. There's no mind-boggling secret formula to Crystals, just an awful lot of common sense which can be summed up by looking at the following picture and explanation:

Red Jasper - Crystals by Enchantment

This image is of a group of three random tumbled Red Jaspers, the sort you can purchase anywhere.  They're a form of Quartz. and over time various people/authors have written their interpretations of what their properties are. And as with most Crystal books this has been devoured as the truth.

So how about I ask you to click on the picture - now what do you see?


They're still pieces of natural Red Jasper (unless I have missed the 'memo' and like a lot of Crystals they have been renamed!), but as you can see what has grown more prominently within them is a piece of white Quartz!

What does this mean for the properties of the Crystal?

There are so many Crystals like this, where they mayhap appear on the outside as one kind of Crystal, but there is in fact another one lurking inside.

You could find yourself trying to use the Red Jasper for its properties of courage, willpower and energy (as per many Crystal books), but the white Quartz is supposed to be for gentleness, support and caution.

Being over-reliant on these guides and 'facts' can lead to disappointment. However, if you listen to their Crystal's Songs you will be able to feel that the beautiful Crystal you have in your care is surprise surprise not reacting as the book had told you.

Intuition over Instruction!

So my question is:  Do you work empathically with the Crystals, use your intuition and listen to what they are telling you, or do you dismiss those feelings and side with what a book has told you?

Crystal books are what they should be -  a guide – look at the pictures with your eyes, but listen and feel with your heart to what your Crystals are teaching you. You have to believe in your own feelings not what someone else's Crystals imparted to them at a given time. We're all individuals and your Crystals will sing to you, and only you will hear what they have to tell you.

As I always say to my students - if a Crystal doesn't want to go on a specific centre of energy (Chakra) then put on the Crystal that does! Don't force it to do something it doesn't want to do!

Gentle Healers or Gaudy Ornaments?

In February 2020 I returned from a trade show - the Spring Fair at the NEC,  realising that a new dawn was finally coming - one I didnt want to be part of.

One of the major Crystal suppliers there was displaying Crystals that were verging on the horrific.  One being a beautiful Quartz bed on one side but on the other a particularly gruesome skull had been carved in to it.

Another was a piece of Jasper which had been formed into the skull of a dead bird.   Sorry, but did anyone ask the Crystals if this is what they wanted? Or the bigger question who on this earth thought it was a good idea? Seriously hate to think what it will be like in 2024 - if anything probably worse!

Is this what the Crystal world has come to?

Crystals are gentle healers and not objects to be formed into gaudy ornaments or worse. These precious objects are now being dug up from our already fragile planet just to be left on shelves to gather dust.
Trading as Crystals by Enchantment I have many Crystals in their natural state; unpolished, and unaltered from their original formation. Also before anyone says anything,  I know I still have Crystals that have been polished, including the Crystal Wands, but once the Crystals have found new guardians, they will not be replaced.  If you browse through my Showroom you will mayhap find the Crystal that has been waiting for you - or mayhap have a look at my Workshops.

What Do You Think?  The above gives you a taste of what my approach to Crystals and their World is like!

If you have read this far, I would be interested to hear your views.  It is time for you, the true Crystal conduits, to stand up ad be counted  

I still love talking about Crystals so please get in touch if you would like to come and see anything I sell - CONTACT ME

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