Welcome to the Crystals by Enchantment showroom

A place where you will find a wide range of beautiful Crystals Wands and other forms of Crystals, which need to be worked with for so many different purposes. If you would like to work with them in your Therapies,  channel their energy in your home, or simply to find that get up and go when it has got up and gone from a Crystal that catches your eye then welcome. 

This is and has always been a working Crystal Wand website. This is where I have been retailing, working with and running training courses with Crystals and more especially the Crystal Wands for the last 22 years and counting.

I have taken the step, which some will say is madness, to stop posting my Crystals etc. The Website is now a reflection of my showroom rather than a shop – I have so many more that are not on here.   Crystals choose you - not the other way around – so how will you know if the one you see on a website is the one that is calling you.

I have wonderful premises literally less than a mile away from where we live in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.  It is my office / workshop / storage / showroom so please get in touch and I can arrange to meet you there. Monday to Saturday.  I also do my 2Dvine Crystal Sessions & Workshops from there.

I am open most days, but due to the nature of my business it is appointments only; this then gives me the ability to dedicate my time to you that you deserve.  The Crystals have been forming in the Earth for millions and even billions of years and are looking for new guardians and that is something that should never be rushed.  All the 'Guidance' I do is carried out at my workshop/office/showroom.


Crystal and Wood Wands - Crystals by Enchantment

Crystal & Wood Wands

Crystals - Crystals by Enchantment


The Pillow Box Crystal Company

The Pillow Box Crystal Co.


Crystal Gifts - Crystals by Enchantment

Crystal Gifts and so much more.

Crystal Riddle Artwork- Crystals by Enchantment

Crystal Riddle Artwork

Waldron & Plotkin Collectables

Waldron & Plotkin Collectables

I love talking about Crystals so please get in touch if you would like to come and see anything I sell - CONTACT ME

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