Crystal Riddle Artwork©

designs to stop you thinking - the rhymes to make you think!

Welcome to my World - I was born and bred in Wolverhampton back in the 50s and now live in Worcestershire (England) with my husband Psychic Malcolm (now retired) and our two Jack Russell dogs. 

I have been professionally both selling and working with Crystals since 2001 and loved them for what seems to be forever. My Crystal Riddle Artwork is my passion now and I trade as Crystals by Enchantment selling my Artwork and Crystals including The Pillow Box Crystal Company range on here or you are more than welcome to buy them from my home - same day appointments available. 

I also guide clients through my completely unique Switching Off & Re-Booting, 2Dvine Crystal Riddle Readings and Crystal Drawing Meditation sessions.

That is it really - have a browse of my site and if there is anything of interest that I do or sell then please get in touch.