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Welcome to Crystals by Enchantment and Waldron & Plotkin Collectables. A truly eclectic mix of literally anything from Crystals and Wands to Vintage and Artwork can be found here in my online shop or even more at my studio/showroom in Tenbury Wells.

I have been working professionally in this Crystal World for over 23 years, not only as a Crystal Therapist, but also carrying out my 2Dvine Crystal Divination, Switching Off & Re-Booting Sessions and running various eclectic Crystal and Ethereal Workshops, alongside writing The Crystal's Song and my Crystal Riddle Artwork.

Those who know me though will be aware of some of the unusual paths I have been drawn to over the past few years; so I have decided to give in, trust my intuition, and let the Universe take me where it will - which means retirement beckons.  It's now time to start the winding down of Crystals by Enchantment;  hence  the sale of many of the Wands and Crystals, the rest will follow shortly or get in first and make me an offer! Once they're gone they're gone. The path I need to follow no longer involves the destruction of this Earth in the name of 'healing'.

My premises at present in Tenbury Wells are where the Crystals, Artwork, Collectables and everything else resides, which you are more than welcome to visit. Just give me a ring and I can arrange to meet you there. My 2Dvine Crystal Divination and Switching Off & Re-Booting Sessions are, for the moment, still being carried out at my home.  

If anything piques your curiosity,  or you would like to make an offer or bulk buy, then please give me a ring and we can have a chat about what it is you are interested in.

Light and Kindness Always

Becci Waldron-Smith


I love talking about Crystals so please get in touch if you would like to come and see anything I sell   -   Contact Becci

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