Crystals and their world workshop

Crystals and their World Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment


Crystals and their World Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment



Crystals and their World Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment


Crystals and their World Workshop - Crystals by Enchantment


 The Crystals and their World is finally back - for a period on hold while I got my own life back on track
I thought I knew what I had to do and get – but the Crystals have shown they are not finished with me yet
So this is a workshop to show what you can do – after all Crystal books into the recycling you have threw
Ok so that might seem a bit drastic and extreme – but so is finding out those Crystals in your care aren't all that they seem
My way of bringing out your intuitive flair – is why in these workshops I do so care
Why not try embracing something new and off the wall – to find out more read below then mayhap give me a call.

Is it a workshop for those who want to work with Crystals but don't know where to begin? Or, is it for anyone who believes in their intuition and isn't afraid to work with it?
Crystals and their World was in fact, a Crystal Therapy Course, which I started over 10 years ago.  But I have been told by the Crystals to change its format and to only do the first part as a stand-alone one day workshop.  I have finished re-writing the Crystals and their World course as per their instructions and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it has now evolved.
It's time to lay bare all the hype and nonsense that is out in the Crystal World at the moment; to take you back to the basics of listening to your Crystals and your own intuition. 

This workshop, like everything I do, aims to reinstate your trust in yourself and to (re)discover your natural capabilities to enable you to walk your path, not someone else's.  Nothing more - nothing less.

It's a workshop for finding out all about these timeless gifts of nature – learning why each has to be loved for what it is, not what someone tells you it is.  

I give you the basics of what they are, choosing, cleansing, energising but above all else a deeply intuitive way of connecting. Then you can, your choice, be guided to work with them in different ways for the benefit of your clients, but more so for yourself.
Ultimately though, it is all about learning to listen to their Crystal's Songs. 

That's it I am not going to go into a load of gobbledegook, or hard sell, about why you should come on it – that's your decision; your choice - your freewill. There are loads of other people out there doing their versions, but my students know I just love to shake up the status quo; all I ask is that you come with a completely open mind.
Technical Bit
A one day workshop - theory but mostly practical.  One to One or two.

Tuesday - Sunday.
Cost of workshop – £120 in advance - includes Tea, coffee, water and biscuits.  Also a 15% discount on anything you decide you desperately cannot live without bought on the day.

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If needing to learn to change the way you work with Crystals is something you would like to do - then welcome to my world - your choice.  Please get in touch if your choice is to change.   Contact Becci

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